Volume 94, Issue 78

Friday, February 9, 2001


Candidates on the defensive at forum

Global students focus at King's

Concordia SU wants paper brass out

New low-cost banking program touted as entrepreneru-friendly

Enviro-team says we're in for trouble

The Tribal Council does some forecasting

Financialese not making language richer

His Royal Mintiness

The Tribal Council does some forecasting

Michael Rubinoff – Laws Students' Council president and former student member of the Board of Governors

I am voting for the man who is a decent human being, intelligent and aware. I am voting for the man who will care about students long after elected. My vote will go to the person who will not get cozy in his office but actually meet with students, listen to students, and never forget what it is like to be a student.

I am voting for the man who will empower councillors and students to make a difference. I am voting for someone who can lead, who has ideals, values and is fair and just. I am voting for the man who wishes to make a fresh start.

"Who am I voting for," you ask? Well all I know for sure is that I know who I am not voting for.

Ryan Heney – Arts councillor

I have listened to the candidates, talked to many of them, read the literature, and checked out the Web sites. After all this research, I have returned to my initial impulse, and will likely be voting for Mike Lawless.

His connections to the Affiliates will be beneficial in solidifying ties between Main and its Affiliate brethren. He has a strong grasp of the issues, and has assembled a highly committed and visible campaign team.

I also have to give kudos to Tim Shortill.

Though I will not be voting for him, he has really impressed me in this campaign. He has also assembled a strong campaign team, and really made himself and his team visible. I would hope, if he does not win this election, that he seeks a vice-presidential position.

Leslie Tummonds – Science councillor

In what I have witnessed over the past week, the candidate that I see standing up for students, will be their voice with administration, and at national conferences, is Mike Lawless.

He has proven in his performances at the forums that he has taken the time and effort to research where the USC has been and where he hopes it will go.

Neil Kapoor – Senator-at-large and chair of the Student Caucus on Governance

Geoff Greenall, Ryan Windsor and Tin Maung Htoo – you've provided many quality insights to counter the USC-centred views of the other four "insiders." Although I feel this isn't your year, your time will come, so please don't abandon the students or the USC.

Now the contenders – leadership comes in many forms.

The skilled professional – Shortill.

The hard worker – Morgan.

The experienced choice – Braun.

Or the inspirational leader – Lawless.

While all could do the job, only a candidate who encompasses all these characteristics can surpass his predecessors. In my mind, one candidate has the potential to be that type of leader.

Warren Tilston – Former presidential candidate and VP-communications

To fairly judge a candidate in a campaign that has seen only one original idea we must restrict comparison to experience and expected job performance.

Seeing as the one candidate to lay claim to having been the USC president, the edge goes to Dave Braun. If we allow Dave to be human we must come to the conclusion he will learn form his mistakes. Hell, he's 12 months of presidential mistakes ahead of any other candidate. Remember the president has but one vote on the USC board and it is the board that sets the true agenda for the USC.

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