Volume 94, Issue 78

Friday, February 9, 2001


Letters to the Editor

There's gun-toting Yanks in them thar hills

There's gun-toting Yanks in them thar hills

By Marcus Maleus
Opinions Intern

How ironic, the very president who does not advocate strong gun-control found himself on Wednesday morning with a deranged gunman just outside his front lawn.

I hope this opens George W. Bush and the rest of America's eyes to the stupidity and danger of lax gun control laws. No matter how you feel about his policies, Dubya is arguably a human being and like all human beings, should enjoy the right to life.

In this day and age, the reasons why the US founding fathers included the 'right to bear arms' in the constitution are no longer valid.

The argument can be made that hunting is a part of US culture and owning guns should therefor remain legal. It does not, however, take handguns or semi-automatic shotguns to kill pheasant and deer. Weapons such as these have no place in the hands of anyone who is not a law-enforcement official.

It takes little more than curiosity to kill someone like 12-year-old Johnny American. The scenario has been played out a million times; Jenny American decides to invite Johnny over to check out daddy's sawed-off shotgun. Being kids, they pull at all levers, the gun goes off and Johnny is killed. Daddy gets to go through life wishing he'd remembered to put the lock on the trigger after he last pulled it out to show the guys during the weekly poker night.

An unfortunate situation arises in US politics when it comes to gun control legislation. Common sense tends to take a back seat to the lobbying power of the National Rifle Association and the cries of selfish gun-toters that their constitutional rights are being violated.

It seems that the very characteristic of the US Constitution that has made it so strong, its resistance to proposed change by partisan governments, is precisely what is killing people.

Perhaps the NRA should adopt a new slogan: "All hail the NRA. We've been arming mindless hicks and lunatics for years, and we get results."

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