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Friday, February 9, 2001


Syncrho shows off - Performance has football flare

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Syncrho shows off - Performance has football flare

John Hamin/Gazette
SYNCRO SWIM ON TWO. READY - BREAK! Wednesday night saw Western's synchronized swim team take to the pool. The football theme went down well with the crowd.

By Colin Butler
Gazette Staff

The gallery at the Thames Hall pool was well stocked with an attentive crowd Wednesday, as students and members of the London community watched the women's synchronized swimming team showcase their routines with energy and enthusiasm.

The entire spectacle saw a progression of different swimmers going solo and in groups to a diverse musical score.

Though at times, some of the swimmers made a few errors in timing, on the whole, the performance was well-executed. The team displayed their skills with a well-controled series of movements which were nicely blended with the melodies.

The team's head coach, Lisa Clark, a second-year visual arts student, was pleased with her team's performance.

"I thought they did really well and I'm happy." she said. "There were a couple of timing errors but the team did display a lot of energy. It was an especially good team swim."

Vanessa Butani, the team captain and first-year honours business administration student, said she thought that it was a good performance. "I thought it was a good warm-up. The audience support really gives us more energy and enthusiasm," she said. "It really gets us back into performance mode for competition shows."

Although the evening's proceedings were well-executed, the show stopper was the evening's the last act.

It was a refreshing team effort by the eight members of the women's team who performed it. It was a well coordinated performance which blended the subtlety and grace of aquatic dance with the agressive and brutish movements of a football team.

Holly Bridges, a graduate student at Althouse College, said she thought it was fantastic. She added the entire performance was well done but the final team act was the best.

Second-year master's geography student Chris Powell, who was also in the audience, said he agreed. "It was good, I liked that part [the final act] the best," he said. "It was kind of nice they had a football theme. It's ironic, since football receives so much funding and this [sport] is on the brink of being cut."

Powell made these remarks in light of the fact that the Ontario University Athletics has cut funding since there is not the minimum number teams in the division required to recieve an OUA cash injection.

"It's disapointing," Butani said. "Right now the future of our sport is kind of iffy, but there is hope. People are raising awareness and promoting activism."

When asked about the precarious future of her team's sport said she was pleased, but expressed confidence in the continued support of the fans, pointing out that it generates support for the continued subsidization of her sport. "It's great to get everybody's friends out, especially since the OUA is thinking of cutting funding."

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