Volume 94, Issue 61

Thursday, January 11, 2001


Ontario finishes dead last - Education ranking puts province on defensive

Former prof talks politically incorrect

Economy slows down slightly: Ivey survey

What recession? City booms

New tax to create safety net

Drug testing could hit human rights violation snag

New club sets sights on stock market skills


Planet Me


Western home of master debaters

During part of their holidays, two students spent a week overseas working to gain a little debating pride for Western.

From Dec. 27 to Jan. 4, Amber Dolman and John Masterson, members of the UWO Debating Society, disputed their way into 23rd place at the World Debating Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. Dolman, who is the UWO Debating Society President, explained 259 of the top teams from schools around the world were present at the tournament.

For nine rounds of competition, four teams of two debated, two proposing and two opposing a given topic, Dolman explained. A judging panel ranked the teams after each round and the top 32 teams, Western's among them, advanced to the octo-finals.

Some of the topics debated over the seven days included the World Trade Organization, economies of Third World countries and in the final round, Western's team debated whether or not insurance companies should be allowed to have their clients' genetic information.

–Joy Marcus

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