Volume 94, Issue 62

Friday, January 12, 2000


London playwright wins Lottery

DJs spin for charity

Sad Rockets take off with new album

Maggie's more than crepes

The Friday Rant

The Friday Rant

Roommates who crowd the freezer and/or eat all of your cheese – They buy every single frozen food product known to man, but spend all of their time eating your cheese instead.

Locker room etiquette – Three things to keep in mind: Head up, use soap and never, ever, under ANY circumstances, shave your pubic region....ick!

Snow removal in the city, or lack thereof – Too bad about the poor lady whose wheelchair got stuck in the snow. Still, she was braver than most Western students who wouldn't even go outside in the first place.

Dave Braun finding his razor – He went from being a squeaky clean USC president, to someone who could be mistaken for the Unabomber's nephew. Crazy Dave, thank god your clean-shaven face is back!

End of the York strike – Students were thrilled to hear the news they could return to classes...until they remembered they go to York.

Beginning of Awards Show season – I sure hope Britney hosts the Oscars – that way she can see first hand what real talent is.

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