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Friday, January 12, 2000


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Letters to the Editor

"Nicotine slaves" revolt vs. the pink lungs

Re: Smokers suffer from self-loathing? Jan. 10.

To the Editor:

In response to the fierce accusation that I, as a smoker, suffer from implicit self-loathing; I felt compelled to address the logic behind Fleury's letter. He calls smokers "slaves to the nicotine culture." Are we not all slaves to a different culture? A commercial and corporate culture?

And if indeed we are, perhaps Fleury can find some answers within the accepted conventions of our cultural society. Following Fleury's logic, people engage in obviously detrimental activity because they secretly and innately detest themselves.

Is the reason that the world produces and mass-consumes because we all share a universal contempt for mankind?

According to this argument, the reason we all drive is not for ease of mobility, but because we hate the air and want to destroy it. The reason we do not brush our teeth on some nights is because we do not like our teeth, and thus want them to all fall out. What ever happened to "because I want to," "because I enjoy it," or "just because?" In any case, Fleury's ingenius deduction as to "why" is highly faulted.

For Fleury to assume that smokers have exceptionally weak social skills is to assume that humans engage in no other activity as a result of peer pressure. On the contrary, almost every choice we make in our latter formative years is in large part reflective of the collective choices of our peer groups – music, activities, etc..

Does this mean everyone in the world is socially retarded because we had a group of friends who made choices similiar to our own?

My smoking does not make me cool, nor does it facilitate friendships. Do people without watches make automatic friendships by virtue of asking for the time? I say nay.

In any case, Mr. Fleury, I leave you with this: Leave people to their habits, and go about your own.

Randa B. Mouammar
Political Science IV

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