Volume 94, Issue 62

Friday, January 12, 2000


Lady Mustangs steal another victory

Mustangs thump Warriors

Spikers stay home

Lady Mustangs steal another victory

By Carolynne Weir
Gazette Staff

It was another victory as the Western women's volleyball team defeated the Waterloo Warriors in three straight sets Wednesday night at Alumni Hall.

The win improved the Mustangs record to an impressive 12-0, giving them a stronghold on their first place position in the Ontario University Athletics West division.

Although the Warriors consistently improved their play over the course of three matches, with scores of 25-13, 25-16, and 25-19 respectively, it was not enough to provide the Mustangs with strong competition. Waterloo power side player, Kristina Kowalski, admitted that she might have expected the defeat.

"We are placed sixth right now in our division, Western is first. It's to be expected," she said. "But we're a young team, and there's a lot of time left in our volleyball careers to improve our play."

In contrast to the Waterloo roster, Western has a much more mature line- up. "We have been playing together for a while now," said middle Sonja Janischewski. "Everyone knows each other, and there is [cohesion] among the players.

"Because we have been playing together for so long, we have become friends as well as teammates. So it means a lot more to win, because you are winning with friends," Janischewski added.

Mustangs head coach, Dean Lowrie, admitted that he was uncertain as to the performance of this young Waterloo team. "We weren't really sure what to expect. They are a young team, with a first year coach, and they are undergoing a lot of new transitions," Lowrie noted.

"Not much intensity was shown by Waterloo, we have a lot of intensity," he added. "Our practices are very intense, and that carries through to our game play."

Lowrie also said that much of the team's success is attributed to the girls' desire to compete.

Strong hitting and blocking were also key to Western's win over Waterloo. Middles Janischewski and Katherine Kiss dominated the net with impressive skill and power.

The second match provided some excitement as the momentum began to swing to Waterloo's side of the court. It was 20-13 for Western when Warriors head coach, Hughbee Brown, put Laura Benn into the game. She served three straight points before Western returned the ball to reclaim the serve.

Lowrie said he thought each match brought about new challenges. "We set specific objectives for each match," he said. "We do this to bring ourselves outside our own comfort zone."

In addition to setting goals for each match, Lowrie also switched up the line-up, and shifted, players positions. "A lot of changes were made to the line-up, and we had to adjust to them," Janischewski

"This kind of game experience will help us out in future games and practices," she said. "In the long run we'll become a better team."

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