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Tuesday, January 16, 2001


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USC welcomes new general manager

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council ushered in a new era yesterday as new general manager Mark Sellars began his first day on the job.

Coming from a long military history – he served in the army for 26 years since the age of 17 – the 43-year-old Sellars said he rose through the ranks to his most recent position of base commander at Canadian Forces base at Meaford before deciding to pursue other ventures. "I had done everything I wanted to do [in the army]," he said.

While an official handover from current general manager Jim Walden will not take place until the end of January, Sellars will be working up until that day and afterward with Walden to learn the ins and outs of the USC corporation, Sellars explained.

He said his initial impression of the USC was that it was an "organized chaos" which in turn helps to foster creativity and freedom of expression within the council. "Everyone I've met seems to be happy to be here," Sellars said, adding the regimented style of an army unit was not needed in the USC environment. "Discipline is only required when people don't know what they are supposed to do."

Sellars also noted the chance this change provides to bring new focus and direction to council. "There is an opportunity in any organization when you hire someone in personnel to change the direction," he said.

USC president, Dave Braun, said council and the new general manager will be able to work together to bring new life to the USC. The elected student representatives are chosen to provide direction to the USC and when new people come aboard there is an opportunity to seize new ideas."

Sellars' predecessor, Jim Walden, who knew Sellars' from previous experience in the military, explained he had been the first to hold the position of USC general manager in its current form and therefore he had come into a job with few established ground rules. Sellars, Walden said, enters a much different atmosphere. "At least there's a perspective that can be related that wasn't there when I started," he said. "He's certainly got a lot of support."

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