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Tuesday, January 16, 2001


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Brescia head soph chosen as new O-Week officer

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Brescia head soph chosen as new O-Week officer

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The wheels of Orientation 2001 have been set in motion as the official changing of the officers occurred early last Friday morning.

Stephanie Zonneville, Orientation 2000's head soph for Brescia College, has been named as next year's orientation officer, winning out over four other applicants.

"I had originally thought about running for [orientation] staff but some people approached me about running for officer," she said. "Over the Christmas break I started getting really excited about the idea and finally just went for it."

Zonneville said her decision to run had a lot to do with the success of O-Week this year and the people she had a chance to meet and work with along side.

As for changes and plans for next September's orientation, while Zonneville said she had not given much thought about getting administration to commit to the week in writing, she said she already had several ideas.

"I'd like to work on bringing the affiliates closer to main campus during Orientation. I'm also looking into revamping the academic days during the week, as well as incorporating the new stadium in an event," she said, adding the next step will be choosing next year's O-staff, for which applications opened yesterday.

Tim Shortill, outgoing orientation officer for 2000, said this year's panel of candidates were very strong, but in the end, he said Zonneville had a great attitude and was very professional.

"Steph has proven herself – running a great program at Brescia, and I know will do an equally good job on main campus," he said. "Orientation is leaving her with a strong program – the challenge will be in trying to keep it that way."

Shortill said he will be helping Zonneville with the transition as officer and said the most difficult part is conveying the detail involved with planning an event as huge as Orientation.

"Everyone knows about Western Olympics, but it's the small intricacies of the event that become so difficult to plan and are always the true test of any officer," he said.

Chris Sinal, University Students' Council VP-student affairs, congratulated Zonneville on her appointment and talked about the upcoming transition work.

"[Student affairs] handles the politics and the policies of Orientation," he said about his position's role during O-Week. "I'll sit down with her and talk about the major players in Orientation, the history – O-Week is one of the most political things that the USC administers," he said.

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