Volume 94, Issue 63

Tuesday, January 16, 2001


Grozelle leads way out of slump - Western destroys Mac 92-73

Lady Mustangs get their revenge

Mustangs fire too many blanks

Mario Lemieux needs a reality check

Close but no cigar

Close but no cigar

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

It was a tightly contested women's squash tournament here at Western on the weekend, but when it was all said and done it was the University of Toronto who had the Mustangs singing the blues.

U of T edged the Mustangs 27-25 in total points to claim a first place victory at the tournament. Queen's came in third with a 16 point total. The tournament played host to six teams in total and the clubs played a round robin format.

Western team member, Kristina Matson, said she felt the Mustangs came up with a very strong effort. "Everybody played well, overall it was an excellent showing."

Matson also said it was certainly no surprise that the main competition came from the women of U of T. In the previous two tournaments this year, it has been a neck-and-neck battle between the Mustangs and the Varsity Blues.

Indeed this tournament was no exception. When two teams square off in squash they send their top six players head to head with the other team's top six. In their match versus Toronto, Western split the matches three apiece, meaning the victor was determined by the number of games won by each team (every match is a best of three affair). U of T edged the Mustangs 11-10 to take the win.

Western got some victories from unexpected sources. Joanna Suan and Emily Smart, who were both playing in their first tournament competition, each came up with big victories to help the team.

Matson said even though she was happy with the teams performance, she thinks the Mustangs can take their play to the next level. "We can take it further. It's very close between [U of T and Western], but I think we will probably step it up at the next tournament."

Matson went on to say that getting to the next level will require the team to be more headstrong. "I think sometimes we get mentally defeated very early and we need to help each other and work on that," she said.

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