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Thursday, January 18, 2001


USC gets mixed reviews - Ad Hoc committee makes recommendations

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Affiliates present "responsible" motion

Braun addresses performance of USC

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USC gets mixed reviews - Ad Hoc committee makes recommendations

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council Ad Hoc Committee on the composition of the council released a report at last night's council meeting which could drastically alter the voting body of the USC.

The report, which committee chair and USC legal affairs officer Jeff Clayman stressed was a "discussion paper", recommends changing the voting status of faculty presidents, residence representatives, USC vice-presidents, student senators and governors.

According to the report, all of these positions, who currently hold voting privileges, would no longer be able to vote in council, but would retain speaking privileges.

To arrive at this conclusion the Ad Hoc Committee distinguished between all members of the USC as internal, and those who voluntarily enter the council, and those elected by outside bodies, which are affiliated with council, as external, Clayman said.

Only internal members, which include the USC president and councillors, should be able to vote, he added.

Under the recommended new design of council, USC sub-committees and elected representatives would have much more responsibility to raise issues in council."Council can't just be a bi-weekly event," Clayman said.

"The role of a council goes far beyond that bi-weekly meeting," said Neil Kapoor, Ad Hoc committee member and student senator. "A lot of discussion should occur at the committee level."

The status of the report as a discussion document means that while the Ad Hoc committee would stick to these recommendations, they are open to discussion, Clayman explained.

"We are committed to these principles," he said. "But if anyone has any comments we look forward to them."

USC governmental affairs commissioner, Scott Belton, said he supported the committee's focus on faculty representation, but was concerned with the lack of residence inclusion.

"I think residences have to have a vote on council if you want them to come [to meetings]," he said.

King's College student council president Mike Lawless said he was concerned by how different the final draft of the report was from the preliminary draft of the report presented earlier in the year.

He urged council to mandate the committee to meet again for further discussion.

Harris Kropchick, Huron University College student council president, asked the committee why no affiliate presidents had been consulted for the report.

"What research did you do to take affiliate votes away," he asked. "No affiliate representatives were consulted."

But Clayman said the report was far from final and still open to recommendations.

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