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Thursday, January 18, 2001


USC gets mixed reviews - Ad Hoc committee makes recommendations

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Affiliates present "responsible" motion

Braun addresses performance of USC

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Affiliates present "responsible" motion

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

'Taking responsibility for ourselves.'

This was the statement to council Wednesday night as presidents Harris Krofchick, Jen Perkons and Mike Lawless from Huron University College, Brescia College and King's College, respectfully, presented their motion to create the Affiliated Colleges Council.

"Since 1998, the Affiliated Colleges Committee has only met three times," Krofchick said about the reasoning for dissolving the old 'ineffective' committee and creating the new council. "The purpose of the new council is to continue communication between [the affiliates] about the issues affecting us as a whole."

Perkons went on to explain the composition of the council –made up of one speaker, the University Students' Council VP-campus issues, the three affiliate presidents, four executive members from each affiliate council and one representative from council and residence from each affiliate as well as college student senators. "The council will meet twice per term, as assigned by the chairperson."

"We met with Jeff [Clayman, University Students' Council legal affairs officer] and he gave some good ideas about some potential concerns council might have," Lawless said about issues the USC might have with a move like this.

He addressed the concern that this was not a separation from the USC by the affiliates, but is a separate body dealing with specific affiliate issues. Lawless also stated this new council will not incorporate and will not take power away from college councils.

Dave Braun, USC president, said the presentation by the affiliates seemed clear and showed they wanted to ensure the old committee did not evolve into something they did not imagine.

"Giddy-up, more power to them," he said adding this is a testament to the relationship the affiliates have had this year and some of the issues they have had to deal with.

David Vaillancourt, faculty president for the Arts student council, said the ACC is a good idea that would spur more communication in dealing with the issues directly affecting the affiliates.

"This will do nothing but benefit the affiliate colleges and I can see no real ill coming out of [this motion]," he said. "What I am more concerned about is the potential of having the affiliate presidents having their votes removed from council due to the presentation by the Ad-Hoc committee."

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