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Thursday, January 18, 2001


USC gets mixed reviews - Ad Hoc committee makes recommendations

T.O. Olympic bid gets debt support

Affiliates present "responsible" motion

Braun addresses performance of USC

New screening tool to detect abuse


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Braun addresses performance of USC

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council president Dave Braun both applauded and scolded the USC last night during his "state of the council" speech.

"This council is at an important crossroads," he said. "We've had many successes that have left us in a better place than we were eight months ago, albeit, with a few, but important and memorable hard knocks."

Braun noted the various high points of the current council's term including Orientation, an Alumni Scholarship, a USC food bank for needy students and the freezing of graduate tuition rates.

But Braun was also quick to point out the problems he saw in council. "I don't want us to lose focus on what is important. Important to real students," he said.

Braun: wants to "re-energize" the USC

"I strongly urge each and every one of you to think before you strike a committee, or bring up a motion. I want you to think – how is this going to affect the average student at Western? I think we should be very wary and very cautious of making decisions that seem to effect people in this room the most."

He then announced his intentions to start a listening tour of campus, to meet and talk with students, in an effort to establish stronger communication lines with the average student.

"For the next two weeks, I will be knocking on doors of residences. I will be around to every cafeteria, standing in the Atrium during lunch. I'll be listening to what's most important to Western students. I want to re-energize our commitment."

What Braun called "[running] for president again" will be done not only for the short-term but with an eye to the future of council.

Joel Adams, undergraduate representative on the Board of Governors, said he felt the good work of council has been less obvious this year.

"The council has been very effective at the lower levels," he said. "Some of the best work has been done behind the scenes. There's been less work and action at the council level, which is both good and bad."

Arts councillor Ryan Heney said Braun's listening tour is a noble endeavour. "Council's touch with its constituents is slipping and needs reinforcing. Hopefully this is the reinforcement it needs."

"Council must consider the positive change they can affect, said health science councillor Sara Vavala .

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