Volume 94, Issue 65

Thursday, January 18, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

WWF columns:"intelligent, yet unoriginal"

Re: The World Wrestling Federation – epic drama or just trash TV? Jan. 12.

To the Editor:

Being a long time wrestling fan and a rather obsessed enthusiast, I was excited to have The Gazette approach my favourite arguable topic, World Wrestling Federation morality, in its Jan. 12 issue.

However, I was rather disappointed when I found what seemed to be an imitation "He Said, She Said" article that boiled WWF entertainment down to manifested male and female agendas. With all due respect to the authors, (who did voice intelligent, yet unoriginal arguments) it was clear that neither article was written by a long time, regular WWF watcher.

First, I must question the outrage that seems to stem from the fact that WWF wrestling isn't real. Why exactly is that a problem? Did we all cry when we found out that The A-Team didn't really kick ass like they did on their show? No, of course not. We take those shows for what they're worth: mind numbing entertainment.

Why must we place higher expectation on a true-to-life performance from the WWF, when we have no such expectations on all other shows on television?

As we do not hold the makers of Die Hard responsible for violence influenced by John McLean, we can not hold Titan Sports responsible for violence influenced by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. I can hear what you're thinking right now, Die Hard was by no means intended for children, and you're right, it wasn't.

Neither is the WWF.

Finally, the exploitation of women in the WWF must be addressed. Although there is little defence for such exploitation, some facts must be kept in mind. As pointed out by Mr. Dixon, the men are just as scantily clad as any one of the women presented on the programs.

More importantly, the WWF has taken drastic steps in the last eight months to alter its image of female sexual exploitation. As demanded by its change in primary television networks – from USA to TNN – the WWF removed its more sexually exploitive characters from television appearances (no more pimp, no more porn star) and drastically reduced the appearance of women in scantily clad outfits (no more Kat, no more hoes).

Mainstream media attention has always been the goal of Titan Sports, as it leads to more viewers and more money. They don't care why you're watching, they only care if you're watching.

The WWF is not going to go away, but don't let yourself believe that it is an overpowering influence in the lives of millions. Have more confidence in the individual viewer's mind.

Ken Lockhart
Social Science I

Writer declares her love for the Rock

Re: The World Wrestling Federation – epic drama or just trash TV? Jan. 12.

To the Editor:

About two years ago, I could have cared less about wrestling and the Rock. I was even on Ms. Duignan's side, stating constantly that wrestling was nothing more than a soap opera and a waste of time. If it wasn't for my boyfriend, who was devoted to his weekly viewing of Monday Night Raw, my opinion would have stayed the same. You see, WWF is entertainment, nothing more and nothing less.

Of course, the comparison to soaps is obvious. There is also no doubt as to the poor representation of women seen on the program most of the time. However, if you were to change the channel, would you not see the same aspects in another television show?

In regards to the violent content and "How would a child know what is real and what is not?" I ask you: What of Power Rangers??? Those mighty morphing power rangers kick ass, and violence is seen day in and day out. Not just once or twice a week, but five times a week!

Mr. Dixon points out that Stephanie MacMahon plays an important character in the well-scripted saga. Her mother, Lynda MacMahon is shown as a woman of dignity and class.

Chyna fights all the big bad boys, if that doesn't give women hope and a feeling of pride, what else are you asking for? Although some women are scantily dressed during Raw and Smackdown, note that they have minor roles.

Lastly, comparing Days, Y&R and Passions and saying that they are more entertaining is hilarious. Where soap operas are filmed beforehand and are allowed retakes, the WWF is live. If a wrestler forgot part of the scripted show, they have to improvise; think Saturday Night Live.

After watching Raw and Smackdown for the past two years, I congratulate Vince MacMahon on orchestrating a well thought out script that makes the WWF stand out from all other wrestling organizations and above all, soap operas. The Rock, whom I happen to love, is the hottest thing in the WWF. How can you knock the WWF, when they have a hot guy like the Rock in their organization? He's eye candy for all girls, especially me!

In the end, "the bottom line" is how can you honestly judge the WWF if you do not give it a try? Instead of criticizing and degrading the WWF, just "know your role and shut your mouth." Just let the guys and some of us girls have their ONE soap.

Khavita Harrycharran

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