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Friday, January 19, 2001


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Students won't get VP elections vote

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Corroded Disorder

Students won't get VP elections vote

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

A motion to open University Students' Council vice-presidential elections to the entire student body was overwhelmingly defeated late Wednesday night at this week's USC meeting.

The proposal, which would have seen a referendum question added to the presidential ballot, asking students whether they wanted to vote for USC VPs, was defeated by a count of 46 - 4, with three abstentions.

Delaware Hall residence councillor, David Hao, said he was against the motion because he felt most students did not possess knowledge to make an informed vote. "The most well informed students are the ones on council," he said. "[The VP elections] are meant to be voted on by those in the USC because we are the best informed."

In every level of government, leadership positions are filled or appointed internally. "Leaders appoint the people to fill the roles," Hao said. "They have an internal knowledge."

USC VP-finance, Dave Brebner, said adding VP candidates to the presidential ballot would only create voter fatigue and turn the elections into a popularity contest.

But Arts Students' Council president David Vaillancourt, said council was foolish to believe they could decide for students whether the student body would like a say in the VP elections. "It's naive of us to decide for the students that they don't know enough and can't make an educated vote."

Matt Romanada, a Medway-Sydenham Hall residence councillor, said he agreed with Vaillancourt. "Everyone thinks the students aren't going to be able to choose the VPs," he said. "They picked Mr. Braun and he's done a pretty good job."

Melissa Parker, an undergraduate representative on the Board of Governors, said she was disturbed by many of the comments during the debate that spoke against a referendum. "This [debate] just sends home that message that we don't care what [students] think. It really scares me with these comments that we're the only ones who know enough about the USC."

USC VP-education, Jeff Sutton, said he has investigated other methods of electing VPs and the current system is best.

USCpresident Dave Braun agreed. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," he said.

Council is responsible for students not being informed on the issues," explained Prabu Hariharan, business councillor. "We haven't given them the tools they need," he said., adding instead, councillors should go to their constituents, educate them and ask for their opinion on the subject.

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