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Friday, January 19, 2001


USC eyes copy costs

Students won't get VP elections vote

Frank gets fresh with Western VP

Bombardier rebukes Western professor

When in doubt, leave the monks alone


Corroded Disorder

Frank gets fresh with Western VP

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Frank magazine has been quite frank about Western's VP-external Ted Garrard, as a recent section entitled 'Groves of Academe' has questioned his character.

The article, appearing in a past issue, alleged Garrard made illegitimate moves to ensure his nomination for a Top Forty under 40 award presented annually by Report on Business magazine. It also alleged the VP employed a staff to work solely on nominating him for the award and added he "tirelessly flogs himself as 'best fund-raiser in Canada."

The article also attacked the university's fundraising drives in general as misguided and fraught with errors, suggesting TD Waterhouse stadium was a waste of money.

Allan Martin, national affairs editor for Frank magazine, said the Ottawa-based publication is supposed to be satirical and regularly devotes different sections of the magazine to post-secondary education. Frank, he said, occasionally investigates and reports on professors and university administrators.

"The tone is supposed to be satirical and is meant to poke fun at the individual in question," he said. "We've written harder stuff about people who have taken it a little more personal. This was more of a fluff piece about a crap fundraiser."

Garrard said he did not pay the article any mind and added he would not take any legal action on the article's content, which he said was completely untrue.

"I don't want to respond to really shabby journalism. No one from the magazine even got into contact with me to verify any of the information," he said, adding he felt it to be a dubious honour to be mentioned in Frank.

University Students' Council president, Dave Braun, said Garrard was tremendously important to Western and expressed his concern that a magazine would attack him. "Ted is a great asset to Western and is one of Canada's best fundraisers," he said. "It's extremely upsetting that a magazine would unfairly slander him with such baseless accusations."

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