Volume 94, Issue 66

Friday, January 19, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Reader disappointed by WWF column

Re: The World Wrestling Federation – epic drama or just trash TV? Jan. 12.

To the Editor:

As an avid wrestling fan, I am amazed by the comments made by Molly Duignan.

In numerous instances, she obviously misses the boat. She makes the bold comment that wrestling is fake. No kidding wrestling is fake. An ad is run by the World Wrestling Federation during every broadcast that features wrestlers saying the program is fake and the moves should not be attempted at home.

Molly Duignan also states the WWF is influential on children. While Raw and Smack Down are both shown during prime time, before every segment a content warning is shown. I think it should be the responsibility of parents to censor what their children watch.

I do not understand how Ms. Duignan can say the WWF has no real talent. If one was to rely on acting ability, I would disagree 100 per cent. The Rock will be starring in The Mummy 2 and another film that is in the works, and Chyna is on a short list of to play the female Terminator in T3.

If one was to rely on athletic ability alone, Kurt Angle is a former Olympic gold medalist, and countless wrestlers were former football players.

Finally, she was very inaccurate about the sad incident involving the late Owen Hart. The WWF in no way showed Hart falling from the rafters in Kansas City. It was only on the nightly news that anyone actually saw snap shots of the fall which were sent out by the press – not the WWF.

If you are going to blame anyone for cashing in on the death of Hart it would be the press and not Vince McMahon. The next night the WWF cancelled their normal Raw is War and instead had a two hour Owen Hart tribute show.

This Sunday is The Royal Rumble, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Molly Duignan, I invite you to come to The Wave at 8 p.m. and watch the show with all other members of the Western Wrestling Organization, and see that wrestling truly is good clean fun.

Patrick De Vuono
VP External Communications
Western Wrestling Organization
History III

All hail Lord Mario

Re: Mario Lemieux needs a reality check, Jan. 16.

To the Editor:

I picked up the paper the other day and was shocked by the comments made by Jessica Leeder.

Mario did not walk back onto the scene and proclaim himself King of the National Hockey League. The man has been out of hockey for three years, he battled and beat cancer for God sakes!

He's the poster child for hard work and dedication. The NHL needs this kind of a man in its ranks. I think it is commedable that the NHL has taken it upon itself to put Mario and his story, at the forefront of hockey instead of explosive violence as was seen last year during the McSorely incident.

I'm not saying violence is a bad thing in the sport – I love watching two guys beat the crap out of one another on the ice. I'm just saying the NHL is using something a little more positive this year as a media grabber.

Mario Lemieux was well aware of the trials and tribulations that were involved in making a comeback, and I think that 19 points in nine games speaks for itself. Personally, I think someone could be a little jealous of all the attention that he's getting.

Matt Musson
Honours Pure Mathematics II

The Gazette should take mock parliament seriously - politicians are people too

Re: Model Parliament Coming to Western, Jan. 10.

To the Editor:

This past weekend, a large group of politically minded Western students held a mock parliament at the Great Hall in Somerville House. Didn't know about it? That's not surprising. I was quite disappointed when I opened my copy of Tuesday's Gazette to find no write-up about this event.

Other than a brief write-up about Model Parliament in the Jan. 10 issue of The Gazette under the Campus Briefs column, the 16th Annual Western Model Parliament has gone without notice this year... just like those before it.

This lack of journalistic coverage is unfortunate. The 50-plus participants in this event showed that politics don't have to be dry and boring. The majority of us laughed our weekend away due to comical performances by various members from all parties, giving a light-hearted portrayal of what our political system can be like.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to say "shame on you Gazette." Hopefully by the time this letter is published our "paper of the students" will have a write up on this event and I'll look dumb. But hey, if not, here's my complaint and I'm sticking to it.

Paul Yeoman
Communications Director
UWO Liberal Association
Honours Political Science II

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