Volume 94, Issue 66

Friday, January 19, 2001


Spikers kill Guelph

Lowrie wins 70th

OUA will allow athletic scholarships

Women's hockey falls to lancers

Lowrie wins 70th

By Jessica Leeder
Gazette Staff

Apparently black is still all the rage in terms of funeral-wear these days.

Or at least in terms of Guelph Gryphon volleyball attire, it is.

The lady Gryphons came to town fittingly dressed for the 3-0 shutout loss that was delivered to them here Wednesday night. Sporting black and red jerseys in their second match-up against the Mustangs this season, the Gryphons looked prepared for their post-game status before things were even underway.

Guelph looked nervous and off-beat during their warm-up, while the Western camp looked comparatively relaxed on their side of the court.

Guelph's pre-game jitters stuck with them through the first two sets of the game, as they allowed the Mustangs to capitalize on each mistake they made.

The Forest City squad embarrassed their opponents twice by a 13 point margin, taking the first and second sets 25-12. Guelph head coach, Linda Melnick, expressed her distaste and frustration at her team's play, which, she noted, improved little over the course of the evening.

"We did not challenge Western. When Western came to us [in November] we gave them a show. We're not really as bad a team as we looked like tonight."

Melnick dismissed the notion that the Guelph squad fell as a result of inexperience.

"We are a young team. [But,] we could walk into the gym tomorrow and beat Western in my opinion. We just didn't show up to play today. We just didn't show up."

Guelph decided to bite back a little, in what would be the third and final set of the match, sharpening their offence and defensive preparedness, while giving Western a bit of a run for their money.

"We had a short breakdown," said Western's Sonja Janischewski, a fifth-year middle blocker. "We needed to control the ball and bring it back to her side of the court. We like being in control," Janischewski added, noting that the third-set lapse proved uncostly.

"We come to a game like this expecting almost to win. We're using these games to prepare for the play-offs, trying new combinations and plays. We could have played comfortably and win by a bigger margin, but that's not going to make us a better team."

The win marked both head coach Dean Lowrie's 70th regular season conference win, and the Mustangs' sixth win in a row.

"I don't know if it ever gets to perfection, but I would say we're getting pretty close," said Lowrie, of his team's play, which was flawed for only mere moments in the team's third set of the game.

"When it gets to this point of the season, they've had their chance to learn and improve," Lowrie said, of Guelph's progress. "We executed and they didn't."

Lowrie said he attributed Melnick's refusal to give Western praise for the win to a possible matchup between the two teams next month during what he is hoping will be a very successful division finals.

"I'm really happy with how we played tonight," Lowrie said. "Next year we're not going to be able to do exactly what we've been doing to teams all year."

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