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Tuesday, January 23, 2001


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Social sciences score funding

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

Western's faculty of social science received a $750,000 donation from the Royal Bank Financial Group Foundation yesterday, which will go towards the creation of an economic policy research institute on campus.

"This is a gift to the right place at the right time," said Western president Paul Davenport. "We live in a knowledge economy. Research is fundamental to our prosperity and the functioning of our civil society."

Davenport said the new institute would combine the academic disciplines of political science and economics and added research will focus on economic and monetary policy issues.

He said the public sector has focused on supporting research in science, medicine and technology, but noted the federal government has not been as supportive of research in the social sciences and humanities. "It's great to see the private sector filling in where the public sector is lacking."

Gord Mackenzie, regional vice-president for the Royal Bank Financial Group, said including the $750,000, the RBFG has given $1.5 million to Western since 1987. "We've had a long and solid partnership with Western," he said.

"This isn't about donations, it's about investment," Mackenzie said. "The study of long-term economic issues is important to the RBFG."

Mackenzie said the contribution will include seven years of core funding at the new institute, as well as support for a doctoral scholarship every year for the next seven years, which will alternate between the two faculties.

Peter Neary, dean of social science, said the new institute would make Western a leader in policy analysis and a leader in the world of economic policy making.

Carol McAulay-Weldon, chair of Western's Board of Governors, also endorsed the new initiative.

"As a business leader in the London community we look forward to the spin-off this research will contribute to all our well-being," she said.

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