Volume 94, Issue 68

Wednesday, January 24, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Something's rotten in Denmark

Capitalize on youth

Something's rotten in Denmark

By Aaron Wherry
News Editor

Nothing stinks quite like the smell of fear.

Of late, the stench hangs over the University Students' Council like never before. Presidential rumour and innuendo have reached the point of absurdity and anxiety is clear on the faces of many of the elder councilors and USC loyalists.

Is "he" going to run? Could "he" really win? And what happens if "he" does win? Will "he" irreversibly damage or destroy our beloved council?

"They" have concluded that "he" must be stopped, by any means necessary.

And so the campaign begins.

And if you listen to these self-appointed experts, "he" is more dangerous than Stockwell Day. "He" doesn't understand how things work around here. "He" doesn't know how to be president. "He's" too radical, too blunt, too loud, too arrogant.

Last year, "he" was a joke, but this year "he" might be a threat. There are too many foolish, uninformed people who don't understand council, who will vote for "him." We can't possibly trust the student body to vote for the right person.

All of their arguments are sickening. The great protectors of the student voice are scared to death the students might tell them to take their status quo and shove it. "They" lie awake at night worrying that all the disenfranchised, disaffected students might elect "him" just to express their anger and boredom with the current state of student politics on this campus.

"They" even go so far as to tell members of the media to censor "him" for the good of the USC.

The elitist sentiment within our student government has never been stronger. They seem to know what's best and you, the students, who cannot be trusted to elect the right individual.

The true merit, or lack thereof, of presidential candidates, will be determined by the students, or at least the 10 per cent that care, over the next few weeks. Such is democracy. The USC will just have to deal with the results, whatever they may be.

In the meantime, members of the USC should conduct themselves to the same standards to which they so eagerly hold others. I feel their conduct is nothing short of disgraceful and it if continues they should be hauled out in front of the student body for judgment and discipline. If it does continue, rest assured, they will be laid out before the voters where they can receive everything they deserve.

The council might be scared about the upcoming elections, and rightfully so. The mistakes of the past may finally be catching up to them. You may, in fact, have defeated yourselves. The past months you've spent ignoring the actual needs of students, and instead squabbling over internal silliness, may have left them too detached from voters.

"He" may not be a breath of fresh air, but any air smells sweeter than the stench, which currently rules the day.

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