Volume 94, Issue 71

Tuesday, January 30, 2001


Editorial Board 2000-2001

Dear Dave...

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Dear Dave...

Hi! I hear you're running for president again this year, and I thought you might need to touch base with me, your loyal constituent, J. Western.

For the first time in recent memory, if not ever, an incumbent president is seeking a second term at the helm of the good ship USC. I must say this is a courageous and bold idea. Whether it is a smart one though, is debatable.

To understand where you might be headed with your plans to repeat, let's take a look at where you were at this time last year and what you've done between then and now. Reviewing your 2000 campaign promises, I see mentions of Beef Boards, promotion of financial aid, e-mail USC updates, Board of Directors' forums, Board visits to residences, affiliates and faculties, as well as the ambitious Name Tag Day. On the basis of such lofty goals I even cast my much sought after vote in your name.

Well the Beef Boards are up and running and seem to be reasonably successful. Financial aid awareness and USC e-mail updates – marginal movement on those fronts. Board forums? Board visits? Still waiting for those. And Name Tag Day – came and went. I never got my name tag and didn't meet anyone new.

The campaign promises were small, manageable and easy. But yet, most of them never saw the light of day.

In between I have seen a very mediocre year for the USC. Many events were largely unsuccessful. Operation: Massive failed miserably, and clear, student-impacting initiatives failed to arise in council chambers every other Wednesday.

A stronger leader should have provided better guidance during these troubled times on the third floor.

But yet, here we are again. You asking for my vote, me asking why I should bother. Now, instead of less than ambitious promises, you point to a glowing track record.

Apparently we now have a secure Orientation Week – largely because of your efforts. Funny, I think Mr. Armour, Mr. Tan, Mr. Rubinoff, Mr. J. Adams and many others would like to see their names beside that accomplishment too.

The USC Food Bank, Alumni Scholarship, the BookStore defeat and Code of Student Conduct fight were hardly yours alone. I imagine the Board of Directors, councillors, commissioners and student volunteers, who as a group accomplished these victories, would like to be mentioned alongside yourself.

You may claim you were the leader who guided council through these achievements, but you're also the leader who failed to show guidance at times when it was so desperately needed.

In short, what have you done for me lately? The USC may need a continuous presence in light of recent changes to management, but whether it is your presence which deserves to continue is highly debatable. You've had half a year to show me my vote went to the right person and I'm still not exactly convinced.

Good luck trying to re-paint half a year in two weeks.


J. Western

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