Volume 94, Issue 71

Tuesday, January 30, 2001


Prez race begins - Seven vie for USC top spot

Braun sets sights on second term

Landlords ready for new rentals

Windsor big on campus issues

Queen's Park might privatize water

Perps dump poop on campus


Corroded Disorder

Windsor big on campus issues

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Ryan Windsor is looking to survive this year's presidential competition and hopes his fresh face and new ideas will bode well with the students' vote on the island of the University Students' Council.

"I'm running because I've tried to deal with administration and I've seen students suffer from the same type of confusion on where to go on campus with concerns, questions or even activity ideas," Windsor said.

"I want the events that happen on campus to be the priority. I want to bring The Gazette back to covering more of the local issues. I'm a guy who's big on campus issues."

The second-year psychology student said his survival will revolve around the 'how's' of his campaign, rather then the other presidential inhabitants approach of looking at the 'what's.'

"I'd like to set up info booths at all the residences to reach out to the first-year students, while expanding the USC. I'd like to expand on the Used bookstore and look at consignment and is it the best way to sell books," he said, adding more student forums with USC councillors would help the 'closed door' mentality he feels is currently in place with the council.

Windsor said he would look into is Campus Recreation, something he said has been virtually ignored by the USC. He said he would like to work more extensively with them setting up beach volleyball on the Concrete Beach. "It can be done, I have proof."

Ryan Windsor is part of a seven-candidate field vying for the USC presidential office.

As an open-minded, calm under pressure, self-proclaimed Western-lover, Windsor said he would also take an active role in encouraging females to join the USC's ranks. He said his only real deterrent is a bit of a temper.

"It doesn't come out too often. It's mainly when people don't do their job, that's when I start to get angry. Other than that, there isn't really anything else that would effect my performance [as president]," he said.

Windsor hopes his fresh face will outlast the competition as the unexpected candidate. "The other candidates have been in there for a while. It's time to get a new outlook," he said.

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