Volume 94, Issue 71

Tuesday, January 30, 2001


Prez race begins - Seven vie for USC top spot

Braun sets sights on second term

Landlords ready for new rentals

Windsor big on campus issues

Queen's Park might privatize water

Perps dump poop on campus


Corroded Disorder


Now hear this

A recent development in audiology by one of Western's own has the entire health community all ears.

Richard Seewald, a researcher and professor from Western's National Centre for Audiology, working with a team of audiologists from around the province, has created a system to assist physicians with diagnosing hearing disorders in young children.

Seewald said he developed Desired Sensation Level (DSL), a computer software package, to match an individual's hearing needs with an appropriate hearing device.

He explained the current release of DSL is actually the fourth version of the program. "Our software is the only thing out there that physicians have to identify hearing disorders in childhood," he said.

DSL is being used by major hearing aid companies in more than 36 countries around the world, Seewald said, adding he is very proud of his software's national and international success.

–Raj Suppiah

A storybook tale for the Gardens

London's Storybook Gardens may be getting a much needed update if proposed funding from London City Council goes through.

The children's park, which opened in 1958, may be getting $5 million of the $45 million the City is proposing to use to update London's recreation facilities.

Wayne Morningstar, manager of Storybook Gardens, said that while the park has always been self-sufficient, there has never been enough money to make major upgrades.

Morningstar said the park currently has only conceptual renovation ideas, and more concrete plans will be made when they find a project manager. He explained there are many changes being considered, including a new skating surface, renovations on the Old Woman in the Shoe, bringing the animal cages up to Canadian Aquariums and Zoological Association standards.

"I think Londoners are going to be really happy [with the update]."

–Erika Zupko

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