Volume 94, Issue 71

Tuesday, January 30, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Community needs less "badgering"

Re: Something's rotten in Denmark, Jan. 24.

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Aaron Wherry's comments in his column concerning the character and composition of the University Students' Council.

Wherry seems to have assumed some omniscient analytical skills in the last few days. I would like to remind him that in my opinion, The Gazette gets nothing but support and praise from the USC – The Gazette is one of the USC's greatest tools in communicating with students at large. It is also an important sounding-board for students that are concerned with USC responsibilities.

I am disturbed that The Gazette's news editor no longer seems USC-friendly.

In Canada, the media and government have a stable and mutually beneficial relationship. Thus it is important that The Gazette and the USC work with each other, even through disagreements.

News sells papers – unnecessary and unfounded attacks make news organizations appear desperate for a story. Are both sides of the issues being reported?

Wherry states, "the elitist sentiment within our student government has never been stronger" and "conduct is nothing short of disgraceful...they should be hauled out in front of the student body for judgment and discipline..."

Mr. Wherry, I urge you to apologize to students for insulting representatives they elected. I would like to clear the air and tell students that I feel his opinions are flat-out misrepresentations.

Nothing else would satisfy me more than to finish my term as Social Science Councillor without Wherry's badgering and backhanded insults to the student political community.

Chris Smillie
Honours Political Science IV
Social Science Councillor

Ticket stimulates "malice", "disgust"

Re: The Ticket, Jan. 26.

To the Editor:

Every morning, as I rush from the bus stop to my sunshine class, I am always sure to pick up The Gazette. Friday, The Gazette's Ticket did not bring me its usual smile. Instead, it brought me malice and disgust.

The presentation of Marxists as angry and totalitarian rulers is surely inaccurate. It is Western capitalism that leaves workers throughout the world in the chains of starvation and suffering.

When a corporate elite dominates the military installations, media outlets and distribution of resources which is the oppressive state?

Communists have led the historical struggle against greed and individualism for true workers' democracy, meaningful and creative labour and fully subsidized learning.

Let me warn you all, it is the destructive forces of capitalist consumerism and corporate greed that limit your actions. Readers of The Gazette unite!

J.C. Rae
Economics II

Reader says "Economics 101" analysis "laughable"

Re: Bill 137 will give Ontarians more choice, Jan. 25.

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to The Gazette, Adrian Koziak states that privatizing driver testing is a step in the "right" direction. More like "right-wing" direction.

Koziak reduces the question of public safety to a model of free market "regulation" – that is, to competition among profit-seeking enterprises. This sort of "Economics 101" analysis is laughable.

Free market competition amounts to a race for the lowest standards and the highest profits. So, while the "invisible hand" of the market struggles to find the "optimal" balance between these variables, public safety is put at risk.

Yes, businesses are untrustworthy. All they care about is profit. That's why we elect representatives of the people to government; to regulate what businesses do and to provide what businesses should not.

Unfortunately, the Mike Harris Tories do not represent the people. The Tories are big business puppets. So indeed, we shouldn't trust them either. What we need is a government that is truly representative of the people and that has some conception of public good. We need acceptable public standards and democratic accountability.

The Harris government is panicking. They're privatizing as much as they can, as fast as they can – post-secondary education, driver testing, water. They know that in the next provincial election, the electorate will make the "choice" they should have in the last election: ousting the Harris regime.

Rick Telfer
MA Sociology II

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