Volume 94, Issue 71

Tuesday, January 30, 2001


Mustang bombers on target

Gryphons can't be beat

Mustangs back on winning track

Super Bowl plain sucks
Hype always outshines event

Super Bowl plain sucks
Hype always outshines event

By Ryan Dixon
Sports Editor

It's back, more stagnant and stale than ever.

After a brief hiatus over the past couple years, the ghost of Super Bores past has made its triumphant return.

I guess we should have expected this, after all we were all spoiled last year with what was probably the best Super Bowl in National Football League history. A game where offence, the life of the game, was actually valued. What did this year's version teach us about offence? Quote the Raven, 'nevermore'.

What is it about this game, the event by which all other sporting events are measured, that almost invariably lets its audience down? Even Britney Spears and her half-time hubby Justin Timberlake of *NSync, couldn't generate enough excitement to hold my finger back from that remote control. Maybe there is an episode of the Crocodile Hunter out there somewhere.

About the only thing the Super Bowl is good for is providing an excuse to party on a Sunday evening. Want a good Super Bowl drinking game, try a pint for every punt. At that pace most people would not make it past half-time this year.

Maybe it's the annual hype that often makes this game a letdown lock. Nothing could possibly live up the standards created by two straight weeks of front page trash talk and predictions.

Maybe, instead of holding a media circus day, the NFL should ban the press from the entire event until an hour before kick off. That would surely prevent the creation of the millions of plot lines that almost never play out.

What made this Baltimore beating more boring than the past was the slow, methodical manner in which it took place.

At least in the past we could count on seeing the likes of Tory Aikman or Joe Montana and Jerry Rice making plays that only they could pull off. So what if it put the Bills down by total of 40 points – at least it was entertaining. Somehow Trent Dilfer to Shannon Sharpe for five yards to the side line, doesn't quite get my heart rate up.

Nothing convinces me that the Canadian Football League must continue to exist quite like another yawning episode of America's showcase game. I can count the number of bad Grey Cups I've seen on one hand.

While I'm never entirely sure just how all the points are scored, I do know both teams have a pretty equal number of them when the game is over.

America might now get their version of an exciting game when Vince McMahon and his Xtreme Football League kick it off next weekend.

The players might be cast-offs, the rules might be strange, but let's face it, it can't possibly get any worse.

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