Volume 94, Issue 58

Friday, January 5, 2001


Editorial Board 2000-2001

Change is a good thing, really

Editorial Cartoon

Change is a good thing, really

With the year 2000 quickly fading in life's rear-view mirror and a brand spanking new year to look forward to, we thought it might be handy to have a checklist of things that need tending to in the coming months. Sadly, many of the things that our school, country and society need fixed will probably end up untouched, but nevertheless, here are our picks for 2001 resolutions and things we would like to see before 2002 comes around.

– While it's still winter time, City of London and Western officials should butt heads and ensure there's more snow removal and less dough removal from our pocketbooks in the form of second term tuition fees

– Less Dundas 2s and Richmond 6s and more personal rickshaws. After dark, perhaps more romantic horse-drawn buggies to provide for that 'je ne sais quoi' couples desperately need on those critical first dates

– For York University's administration and striking contract faculty to get to grips, bury the hatchet, end the epic strike and allow students to get back to their scholarly endeavours

– Less Shaggy, more shaggin'

– For Prime Minister Jean Chretien to hurry it up and quit before he starts to make US President-elect George W. Bush look like Carl Sagan

– For less 15-cent increases on our favourite chocolatey goods and confections sold at vending machines on campus. Who slipped that one by us?

– For Bell Canada to restore its $20 long distance plan so that students can get back to indiscriminantly wasting time on the phone with friends back home. If Bell can't, they should at least bring back those steamy-voiced operators of the late '60s and early '70s

– For the University Students' Council to resolve to get rid of corporate show and tell events on the concrete beach as soon as the snow starts to clear up

– For Athletics Canada to finally give up some serious loot for our national pastime so that our juniors don't waste their time battling it out for a crappy bronze medal

– With Mario's triumphant comeback to the National Hockey League, we'd like to see Luigi's return too. Maybe this time he can finally stamp out those blasted koopas once and forever

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