Volume 94, Issue 59

Tuesday, January 9, 2001


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New course opens door to alternatives

Cigarettes get new warnings

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Power outage turns elevators into traps


Power outage turns elevators into traps

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The winter holiday passed incident-free at Western with the exception of a few weather related mishaps.

"Over the break, while the school was shut down, we received lots of calls for water damage from leaking pipes and leaking roofs," said Const. Wendy McGowan of the University Police Department. One example of this occurred at Saugeen-Maitland Hall on Jan. 3, where a fire alarm alerted police to a broken water pipe which caused flood damage to the residence's kitchen area.

Also on Jan. 3, the university experienced a massive power failure caused by an electrical pole fire on Wharncliffe Road. Power was lost at 5:15 p.m. and some individuals were trapped in elevators as a result, McGowan explained. Power was restored to most of campus by 6:10 p.m., but Essex Hall and the Platt's Lane Estates remained without power until later that evening.

Those individuals trapped in elevators were monitored throughout the outage and were able to safely exit the elevators when power returned.

On Dec. 17, police received complaints of three individuals throwing snowballs at passing automobiles near Saugeen-Maitland Hall, according to McGowan. Police also received a report of damage to a taxi cab caused by a male throwing snowballs, she added.

Several reports of theft were made over the break, McGowan said. A stereo was stolen from Saugeen-Maitland, the Toronto Star box was taken from the front area of Essex Hall, and an attempted theft was reported from the Social Sciences Centre.

In the case of the incident at the SSC, several suspicious individuals caused damage to the building, but were unable to take anything.

"We are monitoring any individuals who are suspicious, especially people in buildings after normal business hours," McGowan said. "In cases of suspicious individuals, the quicker they're reported the quicker we can check them out."

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