Volume 94, Issue 59

Tuesday, January 9, 2001


York strikes partial win - Contract faculty back to work

New course opens door to alternatives

Cigarettes get new warnings

Teacher's college applicants down 27 per cent

Power outage turns elevators into traps



Jeep thieves declare war on police cruisers

A recent rash of sport-utility attacks on police cruisers have London's men in blue on the defensive.

According to Const. Ryan Holland of London Police, the first two incidents took place last Wednesday night when two police cruisers were struck by two Jeep Cherokees. On two occasions over the course of the night, police cruisers were rammed by the vehicles as they attempted to apprehend them for speeding.

On Sunday morning, police again encountered a Jeep Cherokee, this time at the intersection of Wellington Road and Central Avenue. Police identified the vehicle as stolen and attempted to pull it over. The Cherokee struck the cruiser, rammed two civilian vehicles and ran a stop sign before finally losing control and crashing into a utility pole, Holland said.

Four young offenders, two aged 13 and two aged 15, were arrested and charged with a total of 20 criminal charges in connection to Sunday morning's incident. Damages to the police cruisers totalled more than $40,000 and police are investigating further charges.

–Aaron Wherry

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