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Thursday, June 14, 2001


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Bookstore branches off-campus

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

In an effort to serve the Western community more conveniently, The BookStore has opened a second location on Western Road, making it the university's first off-campus commercial endeavor.

“Books Plus is a hybrid bookstore/copy centre, serving the needs of students from the Faculty of Education and Applied Health Sciences more conveniently,” said Carolyn Young, marketing coordinator for the UWO BookStore.

Books Plus, located at 1153 Western Rd., is open now and will operate seven days a week.

Carol DiPietro, manager of Books Plus, said she hoped the residences in close proximity to the store would provide strong business, as well as the staff and students in Elborne and Althouse Colleges and some of Kinko's [formerly located at the same location] old clientele.

“We have an interesting combination of services,” Young said, including an extensive selection of magazines, full-service copy centre, fax machines, digital copiers and access to computer terminals.

The biggest obstacle the store faces is an enormous learning curve during the first few months of operation, DiPietro said, adding the goal will be to understand customer demands and learn how to efficiently deliver them.

DiPietro said she thought Books Plus would not steal any business away from similar services in the University Community Centre. “The traffic flow will stay the same in the UCC,” she said, adding Books Plus will benefit from being open on weekends to better serve students.

The BookStore provided direct competition for the Used Bookstore, which is a University Students' Council operation, when it decided to buy back students' used textbooks.

Rienate Wald, the manager of The Used Bookstore, said when the UWO Bookstore began to sell used books last year, their numbers went down initially.

However, Wald is not worried about the additional BookStore location affecting her business. “Once students realize the difference of the amount of money they receive back, they usually figure out that it is better at the Used Bookstore even though they get their money a bit later,” Wald said.

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