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Thursday, June 14, 2001


London's bad air is deadly: Armstrong

Bookstore branches off-campus

Program targets anti-gay violence

Premier Harris labelled murderer

News Briefs

New biotech centre founded

We're 7th best: Area health care ranks high

News Briefs

New students learning the ropes

Do you know the words to Western's song? If not, you probably didn't attend Summer Academic Orientation.

Debra Dawson, director of the Centre for New Students, said, for the past four years, first-year students have been required to spend a day learning how to be a student at Western and that includes learning the words to our school's song.

Over the next three months, over 3,400 new students will visit Elgin Hall to help ensure their success as a Western student.

During the one-day orientation, new students learn how to make a budget, meet a faculty member and choose their courses for the coming year.

Dawson said the most valuable part of the day for the new students is meeting a Western student currently studying in their faculty who acts as a mentor, she said, adding the main objective of the orientation is to make new students feel a part of the campus community.

Leanne Clare

Fighting a losing battle with student debt?

The Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance is planning to help ease the burden of student debt this fall with a campaign called “Back to School, Back to Debt.”

The idea of this campaign is to make the government see students in debt as people, instead of numbers. Current or past Western students and even parents are needed to volunteer to be profiled by June 27. The ideal profile would be of someone with close to, or more than, the average debt load of $20,000.

“The last campaign had huge results and if [students] would like to be profiled, they can be part of the provincial lobbying efforts and in turn help reduce their own debt,” said Erin McCloskey, University Students' Council VP-education.

If you are interested in being profiled, contact Erin McCloskey at usc.education@uwo.ca

Krysty Campbell


Western part of Galleria's new vision

Western's new off-campus bookstore is not the only arm of the university extending into the city community. A little piece of Western's world of academia has also recently made a new home away from home.

The Western Centre for Continuing Studies has opened its new location in Galleria London, said Sharon Collins, the centre's director.

The centre's total number of students would not be much higher, but there will be more full-time students and full-time programs, due to the larger capacity at the Galleria location, she said.

“We're at King [Street] and Wellington [Road],” she explained. “The heart of London's business community.”

Continuing Studies offers approximately 300 life-long learning and professional development courses, including those in the areas of management, computer training, languages, communications and accounting.

Chris Lackner


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