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Thursday, June 14, 2001


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New biotech centre founded

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New biotech centre founded

By Nadia Daniell
Gazette Writer

Western continues to be a leader in the national scientific community with the groundbreaking of a brand new biotechnology centre today.

“London continues to grow as a major root of medical and science research and development,” said Don McDougall, chair of the London Biotechnology Commercialization Centre, whose partnership with Western was showcased at an open house at Windermere Manor on June 6.

As London is being recognized as one of the three biotechnology centres in Canada, the LBCC has established a facility that will not only benefit the students at Western, but the London community as a whole, said Tony Abbott, chair of the LBCC Building Committee.

“Funding and space are the biggest challenges to commercializing research,” Abbott said. The centre, which will be located in the northeast corner of the Western Research and Development Park, will allow companies to develop their research into marketable ideas.

The LBCC will aid in the continuing circle of growth, Abbott said. As research institutions in London run out of space, the LBCC will give companies space for initial research projects with room to expand.

The centre will lure companies to establish themselves in London, which will mean “good jobs at the end of the day,” explained Abbott.

The LBCC announced their goal was to represent 25 per cent of Ontario's biotech output by the year 2010. In the process, predicted employment in London could reach between 5,000 to 10,000 biotech positions in 10 to 15 different companies, according to the LBCC.

Western students will also benefit from the devlopments that result from the centre.

Susan Crowley, executive director of the LBCC has come across many students in these related fields who want to stay in London after they graduate. “The LBCC will be a huge hub of this kind of activity insofar as a multiplicity of jobs and opportunities,” Crowley said.

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