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Thursday, June 14, 2001


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We're 7th best: Area health care ranks high

We're 7th best: 
Area health care ranks high

By Sandra MacGregor
Gazette Writer

Maclean's magazine's favourable ranking of London in its annual health report is arousing very conflicting responses. 

According to the magazine's third annual health report, published June 11, London's health care services are among the best in Canada. London ranked seventh among all health communities and third in the category of communities with medical schools. 

The health report, compiled by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and Statistics Canada, ranks the quality of health care in 54 regions across Canada. The report ranks a total of 15 indicators such as life expectancy, elderly services and prenatal care. 

London mayor Anne Marie DeCicco said she was “especially proud” of London's favorable showing. “The health care system in our community is a very important part of what we do in London. The priorities we set as a community appear to be providing benefits,” DeCicco said.

Others in the community, however, viewed London's ranking with more cautious enthusiasm.

Cynthia Kenyon, the associate dean of undergraduate medical education in the faculty of medicine and dentistry, noted, although the London medical community has a lot to offer, it is far from perfect.

According to Kenyon, the overall shortage of medical staff in London is putting a great deal of pressure on the entire medical community and a growing number of doctors are taking stress leave. 

London's favorable ranking can be attributed to the strength of research taking place in the area, she said. “[There is] great research going on in London and therefore new ideas in health care are quickly transferred to patients.” 

Jennifer Zelmer, director for health reports and analysis for the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the organization which complied the data for the Maclean's rankings, stated some caution must be used when assessing each community's rankings. 

“No one community is the best in everything or the worst in everything. The communities have the potential to learn from each other,” Zelmer said.

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