Volume 95, Issue 4

Thursday, June 14, 2001


USC palm pilots 'jerk' student off

An elegy for Timothy McVeigh

USC palm pilots 'jerk' student off

To the Editor:

Fiscal discipline and good judgment are principles that cannot simply be dictated to others; instead, you must show leadership and lead by example. This is a lesson the University Students' Council Board of Directors has obviously not yet learned.

I was appalled to learn recently the USC purchased brand new palm pilots for the seven student members of the board.

Initially, I believed it was a joke. I couldn't even fathom the notion that with all the other pressing financial needs within the USC, that something like this would even be considered especially in light of the recent student fee increases.

While a palm pilot is a charming office tool, the question remains: to what extent is it necessary?

Simply put, the money could be better used.

I often hear the USC Board talk about empowering others, such as the hundred plus commissioners and committee members who work tirelessly without pay or prestige.

Now, instead of upgrading or replacing the one, five-year old computer everyone else shares, the USC board buys themselves palm pilots.

This example is but one among many financial needs which are far more pressing than purchasing palm pilots for these student leaders who are already provided offices, computers, organizers, secretaries and an ample salary.

I don't fault them for wanting palm pilots but they should buy their own if they think they are so valuable. The students' money used to buy palm pilots could have been better used in countless other ways across the organization to help 'improve the quality of life and educational experience of the undergraduates of the University of Western Ontario,' which is what their job is. Students put them there to serve our needs, not their needs.

If any commissioners, councillors, students, USC employees or anyone else makes a request to the USC board that is denied due to lack of funds now you know where those funds went.

Neil Kapoor
Student Senator
Voting USC Member
Special Student, Social Science

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