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Thursday, June 7, 2001


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Only Superstars are Hardcore

Rancid alter ego misses mark

Only Superstars are Hardcore

By Jeff Warren
Gazette Staff

They come from the land of milk and honey with a sleazy, swaggering attitude that infuses a rock n' roll heart with the hardcore blood it so seriously needs.

Sweden, home to a prevalent pop scene made famous by bands like ABBA and Ace of Base, has just been kicked in the teeth by the country's newest rock sensation, Hardcore Superstar. Pushing pop music aside in terrific glam fashion, Hardcore's super star is rising. 

For guitarist Silver Silver, the self proclaimed "man so nice they named him twice," the success of the band is particularly special because of the current state of rock music in Sweden. 

"There are new bands coming up every day," Silver says. "Unfortunately, they are not that good, but it's booming. Kids are starting to get interested in rock again, finally."

Sweden's growing interest in rock has catapulted Hardcore Superstar to national fame. Success in their homeland however, is just one small piece of a global puzzle.

"In Sweden, you can easily become big, but it is a very small country. We want to be big everywhere," Silver boasts. "We are already big here, so now we're taking it overseas."

What Hardcore Superstar is bringing to foreign soil should please any rock n' roll fan. With a live show built on pure intensity, the band hopes its first trip to North America is a rewarding one. "It's like a mystery. We are going to go there to play and see what happens," Silver says.

The band should receive nothing less than a warm reception with a live show Silver calls 100 per cent. "You can always fake an album, but you can never fake a live show," he admits.

It's this live show that set them on the fast track to stardom. When Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead noticed the band back in 1998, he immediately offered them the opening spot on their tour. This was an invaluable step in the band's early career, for better and for worse.

"Opening up for Motorhead is a suicide mission really," Silver admits. "Sometimes the fans threw beer and all sorts of shit at us. On the other hand, Motorhead treated us so damn good. The way they treated us is the way we are going to treat our opening acts in the future. They really taught us how to act behind the stage," he explains.

Motorhead is one of many bands who have influenced Hardcore Superstar, whose sound relies heavily on a fusion of the glam/punk/hard rock sounds of the 1980s. Their influences are many, Silver explains, "because listening to one type of music gets boring."

"We all grew up with Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat and Guns N' Roses," Silver explains. "At the same time, we grew up with new wave British heavy metal. I think what we are doing is a mixture of that."

Even the band's album title, Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada, is a tongue in cheek reference to the Steely Dan song, "Bad Sneakers." "We love Steely Dan. We are huge Steely Dan fans."

Hardcore Superstar is now working hard on its follow up album. "We are in the studio right now recording it," Silver reveals. "It's going to turn out really well I think. It's a step in the right direction."

Recording aside however, Hardcore Superstar is ultimately looking forward to taking its infectious brand of hard rock to new levels. 

"We are dying to get on the road again, so taking this trip to Canada is wonderful."

Gazette file photo
Silver Silver, frontman of Sweden's Hardcore Superstar, is caught showing the world why he deserves to be named twice. 

Hardore Superstar hit the stage at Call The Office this Monday, June 11.

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