Volume 95, Issue 3

Thursday, June 7, 2001


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Forum stripped away
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By Hisham Safieddine and Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

After seventeen years of providing the London community with an array of adult entertainment services, the famous Fabulous Forum, the "home of the real ballet," showcased the best of its exotic dance performances for the last time on Monday.

According to Rob Smink, owner and manager of The Forum, the club was given its eviction notice almost one month ago.

Smink expressed his deep regret and dismay for having to call it quits after all these years. "I am very sad to leave this place," he said. "The Forum has been the destination place for people from all cross-sections of society. 

Over the years, we have held an array of shows and performances from all over the world, which our customers have always enjoyed and looked forward to."

Despite the lengthy and elaborate process of obtaining a license for reopening at another location, Smink said he is seriously thinking of pursuing that option after closing the current establishment.

Jamey Swift, manager of licenses and elections at City Hall, said London has an "adult live-entertainment service parlor" bylaw which restricts the number of operations within the city's limits to six and includes multiple zoning and location requirements.

If a new adult entertainment business wishes to seek a license to replace The Forum, the establishment will have to apply to City Council, at which point Council would hold internal deliberations as well as consultations with the public, he said.

"They could definitely make an application for what their [potential] new location would be and see if they could get it approved by council," Swift added.

Victoria Winters; Leading, Thinking?
Dave Van Dyck/Gazette
When asked why he preferred The Forum to other dance clubs in town, Johncox referred to the friendly atmosphere unique to the Forum. "With a lot of open spaces, huge TV screens and amiable service, I feel very much at home. The Forum is like a family to me and I wouldn't trade it for any other place."

Victoria Winters, an exotic dancer at the Forum, echoed similar sentiments about the time she spent at the parlour. "I have enjoyed working here for the past two and a half years under a wonderful management and a very receptive audience, but perhaps it is time to move on." Winters plans to go to school after leaving her current job.

One person who would love to see The Forum open its doors again is Van Johncox, a regular at the Picaddilly Street building. Johncox said The Forum represents an important part of London's culture that deserves far more recognition than what it has received from the more conservative elements of the community. "People sometimes fail to recognize the working opportunities this place has to offer," he added.



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