Volume 95, Issue 3

Thursday, June 7, 2001


Early classes for hangover recovery

A girl + a boy + Alligator Al = love?

Early classes for hangover recovery

It's that time of year again – course selection.

On Monday, the office of the Registrar will start accepting course choices from everyone willing to increase their debt load by another $5,000 plus. When choosing your courses, please keep in mind the following (you'll thank me in the end):

Before signing up for a pre-noon lecture, make sure it's a required course. Never, ever, sign up for an elective before noon – you're not going to that class more than once a month.

For required courses, if it's scheduled before ten, forget taking it. If it is only offered at eight or nine in the morning, then you're screwed.

I suggest not taking the course if it's only offered in the early morning because you will just end up failing anyway – you will never go to class and you won't be able to afford the books anyway because you spent all your money on alcohol and/or other, more important, necessities.

So if you find yourself with a required course at eight in the morning, change your major or just major in yourself like the university literature used to say. Forget about leading and thinking, just worry about yourself and the sleep you need.

Labs and Tutorials – love 'em or hate 'em – they're a requirement for all good courses. The later in the day (excluding evenings), the higher the likelihood you will have recovered from any hangovers. A middle afternoon lab is perfect – the people are the friendliest and the TAs are awake and show some enthusiasm.

Walking from the Social Science Centre to the Staging building in the snowy weather is not cool – it's damn cold. To those helping the first-year students out with course selections, do your duty and make them walk far so they too can go through what most had to go through in their first year.

For all first-year students reading this before summer academic orientation – take computer science 031a/b. It's the easiest course offered at Western – with no real effort or studying, a B is easily attainable.

The most important advice of all is to make sure your courses do not get in the way of fun, i.e. no evening courses. After all, isn't the idea of fun what brought us all here in the first place.

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