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Thursday, March 1, 2001


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Hopeful disqualified over posters

By Joel Brown and Dan Leinwand
Gazette Staff

The recent Brescia College Students' Council presidential election has been decided by default after one of the two candidates running was disqualified from the campaign just a day before voting was to take place.

Controversy over a Brescia election constitution rule, governing the use of election posters, resulted in the disqualification of candidate Sue Sou Xaysy and automatically allowed Laurie Chambers to be acclaimed president.

Sou Xaysy said she was notified by the campaign governing committee on Feb.13 who informed her that because she left three of her posters up after the campaign period had officially ended, she had been disqualified.

"This has been a very trying time for me and I believe there need to be changes to the constitution regarding the election guidelines," Sou Xaysy said.

Several members of the Brescia community agreed with Sou Xaysy and a petition was quickly circulated in her support.

However, the BCSC chose to stand by the constitution and voted to ignore the petition.

"To us, it was not a decision we wanted to make, but we had an obligation to the constitution," said current BCSC president Jen Perkons.

Following the decision, the council decided to look into changing the poster rule. "We're looking at revamping the whole election guidelines," Perkons said. "We may even go to a demerit point system, similar to what the USC uses."

While Chambers, the current USC representative for the BCSC, is excited about becoming president, she said she was not happy with how she got the job.

"It was a complete and utter disappointment. For [Sou Xaysy] to lose that way and for me to win that way, that's not right. I felt so bad for Sue," she said.

Chambers said she is committed to changing the poster rule and recognizes there is significant support in the Brescia community to do so.

"It's important to note our council stands for the students and we are taking the necessary steps to make sure they are heard," she said.

BCSC campaign commissioner Christie Chipchase explained changes to the rule could be a possibility in the near future. She said two ad hoc committees have been created to look into the election controversy. The first committee will examine the poster rule while the second is responsible for deciding how to handle referenda and petitions.

Despite her disappointment and the circumstances of her disqualification, Sou Xaysy said she wishes Chambers the best of luck in her new job.

"I always felt Laurie would make a great president and I continue to stand behind that belief," she said.

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