Volume 94, Issue 84

Thursday, March 1, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A young Canadian in Wonderland, USA

Re: Florida – the land of the free and fat, Feb. 27.

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Jessica Leeder's editorial about her trip to Florida called "Florida – the land of the free and fat."

Like Leeder, I spent my slack week in the Orlando area, in Kissimmee to be exact. But I have a very different take on things than she does. My friends and I drove down the I-75 and got to experience the heartland of America, we travelled through the great states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia before reaching our destination.

I actually found the Americans I met to be very nice and I have just a few complaints, mainly that Taco Bell in the US does not serve fries and their beer isn't as good as Canadian beer.

On our way down, I was shocked when we made our first stop for refreshments in Michigan, that people actually held the door open for me and were generally polite, even teenagers. Living in Canada the "good," I rarely see that behaviour.

The lady at the drive-thru liquor store in Sydney, Ohio, was very understanding when we walked in not knowing drive-thru liquor stores existed.

Visiting Tennessee taught me that the mullet is not out of style; I am thinking of growing one myself.

I actually found some moonshine called "Georgia Moon," which claims to be Corn Whiskey brewed less then 30 days ago. I have never seen that kind of freshness in the liquor here. Rather it takes us Canadians six, eight or even 12 years to distill our whiskey.

Florida was full of wonders; tons of mini-golf courses. There were stores that sold t-shirts five for $10. I got a sweet hat for $1.99 that has mesh on the back to keep my head cool.

I don't want to go on much more, but it would be a sin if I didn't mention the fine eating establishments such as Denny's and Waffle House, which gave us good food at discount prices.

Don't get me started on those Americans who run discount liquor stores, where they sell a 60oz bottle of vodka or gin for under $10 American.

In conclusion, I think maybe we as Canadians have a thing or two to learn from Americans. I suggest to Miss Leeder that next time she is in the United States, to get away from the Disney resort or any other tourist area and truly meet the good people of such a fine nation.

Matthew Romanada
History III

Comments of treble charger's Nori, unfair

Re: Psychotic rock with treble charger, Feb. 15.

To the Editor:

I feel that I must say something in response to the comments made by Greig Nori of treble charger in the Feb. 15 edition of The Gazette.

Nori seemed to feel that his University education was a waste of time. He studied English and political science, and upon graduation he had a difficult time finding a job. His comments were "university is good for being a doctor or lawyer, but for the arts, you might as well just go to college."

I find this sentiment to be quite unfair on Nori's part. Simply because he had a difficult time finding a job after graduation doesn't mean that university is a total waste of time for everyone in the arts.

An education in the arts is an end in itself. Being able to study classical and contemporary pieces of literature, art, philosophy, and others is a mind-expanding and enriching experience.

An education in the arts also allows one to hone their critical thinking and writing skills, both of which are beneficial to posses once in the working world. It is my belief that the main goal of university is knowledge, and not simply to prepare you for a certain career after graduating.

It has been statistically proven that arts grads have an employment percentage similar to those in other fields of study soon after graduation. And no, I'm not referring to flipping burgers at McDonald's.

So give arts a chance. We deserve our place here alongside engineering, the sciences and all the other faculties in the Western community.

Dave Vaillancourt
Arts Students' Council

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