Volume 94, Issue 90

Tuesday, March 13, 2001


USC gets the budget blues - "Conservative" figures go to council tomorrow

Ex-U of T profs sue for equality

Toronto university plagues by unfortunate incidents

New Web site says no ixnay on the apsternay

Amnesty report sours celebration for Women's Day

Arizona U studies psychics' abilities

Drunk drivers, knives, and crack, oh my!

Toronto university plagues by unfortunate incidents

It has been a trying start to 2001 for the University of Toronto.

On Jan. 19, fine art professor David Buller, 50, was found dead outside his campus office – victim of an apparent homicide. Buller garnered a wide reputation for his art and exhibits in both Canada and France and was beloved by students and fellow faculty.

"He was a great, remarkable Canadian," a close friend said. "He was one hell of a professor and one hell of a friend."

Dozens of interviews were conducted, but the case remains unsolved at this time.

On Feb. 20, U of T administration announced an investigation had begun into allegations that nearly 30 first-year law students falsified their marks on their summer job applications.

The situation was further complicated upon the announcement of allegations that Denise Reaume, a longtime U of T law professor, may have made in-class comments which encouraged the students to alter their academic records.

Numerous protest letters were sent to U of T administration citing the investigation of Reaume as an attack on academic freedom.

Last Friday, warning letters were delivered to senior members of university administration citing Reaume's intent to sue if the investigation proceeded.


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