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Thursday, March 15, 2001


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Real spicy, but also pricey

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Real spicy, but also pricey

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Jewel of India
390 Richmond

By Adam Bailey
Gazette Staff

Did somebody say curry?

Located in downtown London, Jewel of India cooks up more than enough spice to melt away your winter blues.

Having served authentic Indian dishes from the same location for more than 17 years, this restaurant knows a thing or two about matching delicious food with great prices and service.

Upon entering, visitors are immediately greeted by a massive hookah, an oriental tobacco pipe indicative of the mind-expanding experience ahead. While the sparsely decorated restaurant has little to offer the eye, the food is lively enough to grab the mind and yank it straight to Mumbai.

The menu offers a full range of courses including appetizers, soups, full entrées and desserts. A broad selection of vegetarian dishes is readily available and the licensed bar is fully stocked and ready to party.

To begin, the mixed appetizer platter includes a tasty selection of the best starters and a sparse salad, perfect for cleansing the palate before the oncoming culinary insanity.

For the uninformed diner, one thing should be made clear: Many popular Indian food, contains curry spice. In general, curry is spectacularly spicy, but fortunately, the good folks at Jewel of India offer three degrees of brutality; mild, medium and hot. Unless you have experience with Lucifer on your tongue, it should be suggested that you choose mild.

As a main course, the Kari Chicken is highly recommended, as is the Vegetable Biryani. Both dishes are extraordinarily flavourful and look almost as good as they taste. Served alongside a heaping mound of vegetable rice and plenty of nan (bread), any selection on the menu makes a satisfying meal. Few cuisines can compete with the beauty and rich flavor of Indian food.

Well aware of their customer's needs, Jewel of India's employees are more than happy to help and advise anyone inexperienced in Indian food, making informed menu recommendations.

Unlike most of the swill pushed over the counter at Western's CentreSpot, Indian cuisine is healthy and tasty. The food has great variety and serves all tastes. Additionally, unlike many ethnic foods, Indian cuisine is instantly appealing to the Canadian taste bud.

While the prices at Jewel of India can't compete with McDonald's, the quality and quantity of food, combined with an accessible downtown location more than makes up for the rather heavy price tag.

For the Western student who is perfectly happy with their $5 burger and fries, Jewel of India may not be the best choice, but for those seeking a new experience, look to the fine food and excellent service found in this quality restaurant.

Quality: * * * * 1/2

Bang For Your Buck: * * * *

Ambiance: * * * 1/2

Overall: * * * *

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