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Thursday, March 15, 2001


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VP hopefuls near election day

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VP hopefuls near election day

By Carrie Gennoe and Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council vice-presidential candidates faced the public yesterday as Saturday's VP elections draw closer.

In the only public forum of the two week campaign period, the 13 remaining candidates – four have dropped out – discussed the positions they are vying for and the issues surrounding the USC.

On Saturday, all incoming and outgoing councillors will vote on the four available VP positions – campus issues, education, finance and student affairs. There are approximately 130 councillors eligible to vote, explained USC speaker Darren Spicknell, who will supervises the elections.

A motion proposed by student senator Luke Petrykowski which would have spawned a campus-wide referendum on whether VP elections should be voted on by the student body was defeated by council earlier this year.

Current VP-campus issues Andrea Boulay and VP-student affairs Chris Sinal voiced their approval of the candidates left in the race.

"They've all got good ideas and they're all aware of their strengths and weaknesses," Sinal said, of the candidates for VP-student affairs. "I think its going to be a tough choice for a lot of the councillors."

Sinal also warned candidates not to take Saturday's speeches lightly. "Be calm and don't take anything for granted," he said. "A lot will come down to your speech."

After reviewing yesterday's forum, Boulay said she was impressed by the candidates for VP-campus issues. "Each candidate has worked extremely hard over the last week and a half," she said. "Things like this forum show how hard they've worked."

USC president-elect Mike Lawless, whose job will be to lead the winners of this Saturday's election, said he was incredibly impressed with this year's batch of candidates. "In three years I've never seen such a great group of people running," he said. "I'm excited, because no matter who wins, we'll have a great board of directors."

Like Sinal, Lawless warned candidates to push hard to the end. "Regardless of how you feel going into Saturday, a lot can change. Don't think it's at all over," he said. "It's really the case of the best last impression."

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