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Thursday, March 15, 2001


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Huckins rides into the sunset

By Sean Maraj
Gazette Staff

The question has been asked many times: What does baking have to do with field hockey co-captain Andrea Huckins?

Huckins, a native of Scarborough Ontario, currently completing her fourth-year in honours politics, has been a pivotal part of the Western field hockey, and indoor hockey teams during the last four years.

"I've been playing since I was in grade nine," Huckins said. "Initially it was because I was too short for basketball. My interest really got piqued when my coach convinced me to play for the Ontario team, and that's where I really got into it."

Huckins has been playing in the field hockey circuit for several years now, a great deal of that time spent outside of varsity athletics. She points to her three years on the Ontario team, as giving her a new look on the sporting world.

"It made me a better player, but it exposed me to the harshness of sports. [It's] very cutthroat, you're competing against a high level of competition." she said. "[They're] looking for people they can develop, you're always walking a thin line."

It was after this that Huckins moved onto Western, and began playing for a relatively new field hockey program. For Huckins, the move to Western was a practical decision.

"I wanted to play field hockey and I wanted a diversified education. I knew all along I wanted to get into politics and Western had a competitive team," she said.

Huckins' impact on the team has been an important one, as she has become a major part of the team's defensive core, as well as rising through the ranks to become co-captain.

"[She brings] leadership and a very strong work ethic. She's definitely the heart of the team, [she has] a lot of intensity on the field and at practices," said Western head coach, Keith Concisom.

These sentiments were echoed by fellow co-captain Jenn Kicis, who has played with Huckins for the last four years.

"She makes my life easier. She's very hard working and dedicated. The girls [on the team]look up to her."

After coaching Huckins for the last two years, Concisom also has several favourite "Huckins" moments.

"Her scoring her first goal," he said, as his favourite moment. "I think she was happy, relieved or surprised."

Huckins herself points to her favourite moment as being a game she played last year at the Ontario University Athletics championships.

"Last year in the semi finals against Waterloo – that was fun. It was the best battle we ever played," she said. "It went down to flicks [penalty shots] but they won. It was one of those games that even though you lose, you still feel great."

In the end, Huckins looks back on her career at Western with only good things to say.

"It's been amazing. I've developed a lot of friends and have experiences. It's been great."

For Huckins, with her Western career reaching its conclusion, she pointed out that leaving won't be easy, and had doubts on the direction her field hockey career would take.

"It's hard to leave this team, it was such a great atmosphere. I'm going to miss competing at the OUA level. I think I've reached my peak – competitive wise."

As for the future, Huckins is looking to get into the business of environmental law.

"I hope to get into environmental law. I've always had a keen interest in law, but I've always had a keen interest in the environment," she said. She was quick to make a joke about her future career endeavours. "I think the environment needs protecting dude."

All said, one question remains, will the Western field hockey team miss Huckins, or her mother's cooking more when she leaves. Mrs. Huckins baking has become a hallmark in the ranks for the team.

Kicis jokingly picked the baked goods. "Hands down the mom. Don't get me wrong, but it's good stuff," she said.

"I would have to say Andrea. I can always try to steal her mom's recipe. Someway, somehow, we'll get the recipe," was Concisom's response.

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