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Friday, March 16, 2001


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2 St. Thomas and back

By Beth Martin
Gazette Staff

Adriano Guzzo, the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band 2 St. Thomas, sits across from me at The Wave, describing his appearance on Open Mike with Mike Bullard.

"We weren't sure if Mike liked us because he's so sarcastic, but by the end he was joking with us and seemed to like us a lot," Guzzo says. The show, which aired last Friday night, gave the band their first taste of national TV glory. "The crew [of Open Mike] said we were great live and compared us with bands like Treble Charger."

This is all coming from a band who put out their first CD, From Above and Beyond, only a year ago. Since then, they have been rolling forward, with each step falling into place. 2 St. Thomas is beginning to receive air play in the US and Canada with their song "Remember When," and are currently aiming for a slot opening for Bon Jovi. Previously, the band has opened for the likes of Our Lady Peace and Treble Charger.

Although From Above and Beyond was a rushed effort, Guzzo assures that the second CD, which is due out this summer, will be given much more time. Self-described as alternative rock with a pop feel, 2 St. Thomas incorporates a variety of styles.

Some of the songs, such as "Far Away," incorporate sound effects like a phone ringing throughout. Guzzo says the song was written at about the time when he first came to university. "I had a hard time adjusting to being away from home and I would sometimes call home just to hear my family's voice," he says earnestly adding he tried to recreate that feeling of homesickness and loneliness within the song.

As "Far Away" suggests, family is a big deal for 2 St. Thomas – Guzzo's brother and cousin are both in the band. Asked if it is difficult dealing with family within the confines of a band, Guzzo says, "We know each other better and we know how we are because we are family. The band is business, but family is family."

Aside from their musical endeavours, all five of the band members are still in school. "I could never leave or quit school. Education gives you a foundation," claims Guzzo, currently in fourth-year political science here at Western. As for the rest of the band, two of the members are grade 12 students, while the other two attend university.

As for the origins of the group's name, Guzzo explains that 2 St. Thomas was the address of his grandparents' house in Sault Ste. Marie. He says he has fond memories of his childhood there, so when his grandparents passed away, he decided to dedicate the band's name to them. As Guzzo explains, "We all started having these dreams about my grandparents in which they were telling us to keep going."

As a final word to his fans, Guzzo promises, "One day 2 St. Thomas will be known. You can't think small. If you want something, you have to do whatever it takes."

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