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Friday, March 2, 2001


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First-year report gives fresh look at students

By Aaron Wherry
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council's First Year Students' Caucus gave the USC an intimate look at the university from a frosh point of view Wednesday night.

The First Year Students' Caucus, formed for the first time last year, presented their annual report to council at this week's meeting and addressed the top issues they felt were on the minds of first-year students.

The report, compiled by first-year students commissioner Julie Harvey and the report's editor-in-chief, Carolynne Weir, explained the document should guide future USC and university relations with first-year students.

"We urge the USC and other student groups to utilize our findings to gain a better understanding of the first-year student dynamic," the report stated.

Specifically, the document deals with the quality of Reznet, an inter-residence online connection service, as well as student fitness and food facilities within the university residence system.

It also discusses affiliate and off-campus relations as they pertain to residence life.

Suggestions included an increased focus on healthy food and living, the creation of a "Reznet Soph" to deal with computer problems in residence and increased inter-residence activities.

Andrea Boulay, USC VP-campus issues, said the report's strengths lie in the fresh point of view it presents. "This report is pure and unjaded," she said. "It reflects their opinions and it is important to respect those opinions."

USC president-elect Mike Lawless, who was the USC first-year students commissioner last year and helped author the first report, said he agreed the feedback represents an important view of the Western community.

"The beauty of this report is that its based on perception," he said. "It is a raw look, untouched by the USC, at what the problems are."

Associate VP of Housing and Ancillary Services, Susan Grindrod, said the report is just one way administration receives feedback from first-year students.

Residence councils, the USC and residence advisors and dons are all part of the communication system between first-year students and administration, she said.

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