Volume 94, Issue 94

Tuesday, March 20, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Wrestling with sports coverage

Re: Wrestler closes out career on the mats on top, Mar. 8.

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the article titled "Wrestler closes out career on the mats on top" which appeared in the Mar. 8 edition of The Gazette.

It is unfortunate that The Gazette neglected to do its entire job of reporting. What about the other wrestlers that travelled to the Canadian Intercollegiate University championships? Are they forgotten because they didn't win the gold?

Belinda Chou spoke like a true leader when she spoke about her team and teammates' victories and downplayed her own, which was highlighted in every other newspaper in the London area. One would expect that a student newspaper would recognize all of the student athletes' results.

What about fourth-year veteran Tommy Jackson, who went into the tournament ranked seventh and placed third; surpassing his arch rival of four years Bruno Avezedo who placed fifth?

Ian Collins, the only other male wrestler to travel to the CIAUs, placed fifth after being ranked seventh, and this was his first time ever at a national championship. The women's squad not only consisted of Belinda, but was made up of four other female wreslters. Megan Mcguire, Tena Dardic, Tara Wells and Rachael Anne Dean also competed at CIAUs and surpassed their rankings.

I think it's unfortunate that a sport like wrestling, that doesn't receive Gazette attention consistently like hockey, football and basketball, still gets shunned even when their athletes make it to the highest level of university competition.

Congratulations CIAU wreslting team – your efforts and sacrifices haven't gone unnoticed!

Nitsa Staikos
Health Science IV
Former Western Wrestling Team Member

Man wants answers to questions

Re: Student fees are on the rise, Mar. 14.

To the Editor:

For another year the university will try to squeeze blood from a stone. Yes, I realize the fee will raise just a measly $6.89, as was quoted in the article on Mar. 14.

What is $6.89, when you're paying about $4,400 in tuition and other fees? I'll tell you it's $6.89!

Students spend the better part of eight months focused on courses and educating themselves. Not only that, but most take part-time jobs to pay the rent and the bills. The four months that are yet to be accounted for, are spent working like bastards, at either two or even three jobs to pay for the next eight months.

I, personally, am lucky. I am able to find full-time work during the summer for unlimited hours. I end up working 60 to 70-hour weeks, but that's what I have to do to pay for my education.

The deficit staring the University Students' Council in the face is very disturbing. I would like to know exactly how the previous USC Board of Directors mismanaged the funds they had available to them.

How the hell can they be in the hole for $51,424?

Maybe this year's USC should keep in mind the mistakes of the past and make sure that they don't have to answer as many questions as last year's USC.

Matt Musson
Honours Pure Mathematics II

Hell coming to Western?

Re: God is good and all, except..., Mar. 16.

To the Editor:

Though the technology world is ceaselessly improved/developed, people still incline to search out the highest knowledge, i.e. the relationship with the highest eternal power of God.

I felt the heat of hell when I read Emmett Macfarlane's letter. I believe Mr. Macfarlane is preaching the deepest desire in him of the "good" of the devil.

I think the world is doomed and the kingdom of hell is coming!

Cong Dinh
Philosophy III

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