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Wednesday, March 21, 2001


Student Code may see major changes

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Student Code may see major changes

By Mike Murphy
Gazette Staff

A student wish-list of changes to the Student Code of Conduct will come before Western's Senate on Friday, when senators will decide what alterations they want to make to the new rules on the Western playground.

The ad hoc senate committee, formed in November to review the proposed code, released its report yesterday. In it, the four-student, three-professor committee, recommended several changes to the draft code, including the tightening up of wording in the off-campus behaviour section and expanding access to the appeals process.

Brian Timney, associate dean of social sciences and the author of the code, said he likes most of the changes the ad hoc committee has proposed. "They've clarified some points we had in there and simplified a couple of things," Timney said.

One concern students brought to the committee was that the code's restrictions on off-campus behaviour were too stringent, he said. Specifically, the committee suggested only the off-campus actions of representatives of the University Students' Council, Society of Graduate Students and Master of Business Administration Association members should be punishable under the code. To this end, the committee recommended a reference to 'student groups' should be deleted because it could conceivably apply to the actions of all Western club members

Timney said he did not see any problem with the recommended change. "I think the issue of a 'student group' is not really a major one," he said.

He also said he supported a proposed change that would clarify the relationship between the new code and pre-existing codes and policies, so students would not be sanctioned under two different codes for a single offence.

"Our intent when we drafted the code was not to put someone in a position where they could be penalized twice," he said. "I don't think the new wording changes that intent."

James Kay, president of the Undergraduate Engineering Society, said the UES was very pleased with the proposed changes. "I think [chair] Chris Sinal and his committee did a fantastic job."

Kay said he was particularly happy with a recommendation that would relieve student group leaders of responsibility for the actions of their group members. "The removal of the clause about student leaders was key," he said.

He also said, however, that he doubts all nine of the motions will be passed. "I don't think they'll all go through," he said, adding he suspects some of the changes the UES would most like to see will be the ones that get voted down.

Yet Timney said he did not think that would be the case. "I suspect that [the changes] will go through smoothly," he said. "I'm hoping there won't be much debate."

Chris Sinal, the USC's VP-student affairs and chair of the committee, said while he thought the recommendations were attuned to the concerns and wishes of Western students, he expects many questions and strong debate at Friday's Senate meeting.

"We got a lot of good student input," he said. "I think our recommendations are really representative of what we heard."

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