Volume 94, Issue 95

Wednesday, March 21, 2001


Student Code may see major changes

Saugeen residents on notice

Gap between rich and poor increasing

SSSC paychecks go through the ringer

Northern universities looking for students

City council troubled by welfare testing


Saugeen residents on notice

By Sarah Lasch
Gazette Staff

Three residents at Saugeen-Maitland Hall have been punished–unfairly, they say – for their part in an incident that left a residence window shattered.

Stuart Galloway, a first-year business student and Saugeen resident, said disciplinary action has been taken against himself and two other students after a February incident in which he broke a Saugeen window.

"We were fooling around in the elevator lobby when I lost my step. My shoulder hit the window and the glass shattered," Galloway said. "I didn't even hit it that hard. The glass was very flimsy and it broke easily."

"He almost fell out of the window. He could have fallen eight floors," said Parag Shah, another first-year business student and Saugeen resident who was present at the Feb. 6 incident.

Shah also said he, Galloway and another student present may have to pay the repair fee and are now on notice from residence management, which means they cannot return as residents to any campus residence for one year.

"After it happened, we reported it all to our residence advisor, and we were thanked for our honesty. We wanted to do the right thing and now we are being harshly reprimanded," Shah said.

Shah said the residence report taken by the RA was mistaken. "The incident report said he was tripped, but that is wrong. We didn't trip him, he fell accidentally."

"If we hadn't reported it, the residence would have been forced to pay for it. It happens all the time and it usually goes unnoticed. We are being punished for our honesty," Galloway said. "I could have died and now they're taking disciplinary action against me."

Susan Grindrod, senior director of Western's Housing and Ancillary Services, said while she could not speak about this case specifically, residents are held responsible and must pay fees for any damages they cause, whether intentional or not.

"There are two sides to every story, but at Housing we keep the cases of individual students confidential," she said.

Lin Woei, a resident of Saugeen and first-year business student, said she thought it was only fair for the students to pay for the damage. "I think the residence is right. If they broke the window they should pay for it. If they did it by accident, that's okay, but they are still responsible."

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