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Wednesday, March 21, 2001


Student Code may see major changes

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Gap between rich and poor increasing

SSSC paychecks go through the ringer

Northern universities looking for students

City council troubled by welfare testing


SSSC paychecks go through the ringer

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

With the season of annual general meetings upon us, Social Science Students' Council president Josh Morgan is set to post a motion to ensure more accountability within the faculty council.

The motion would make honoraria dependent upon an evaluation by the president, president-elect and speaker of council at the SSSC Annual General Meeting.

The motion states: "If either the president, president-elect, or the speaker do not find a report acceptable, the granting of that honorarium shall be subject to a majority, secret ballot vote of outgoing members at the AGM."

Ashley Hale, a third-year anthropology student at Western and SSSC anthropology department representative, seconded the motion and said she hopes it will get more people involved within the council.

"Not to name names, but I think there are some VPs that could have pulled more of their weight, and there were some incidents this year where they could have made more of a contribution," she said.

Hale said she is expecting a lot of debate at tonight's meeting, but felt the motion would go through. "It doesn't mean that people aren't going to get their honorarium, it's just going to make the council stronger."

"[Morgan's] rationale is he doesn't feel it's fair to pass his own report," said Meaghan Russell, VP-student affairs for the SSSC, adding if the motion is passed it will not take effect until next year.

"I've never heard of anyone not getting their honorarium," she said. "If [council] thinks the executive has done a bad job then it's their right to take it away from us."

Duane Baxter, current Delaware Hall Residence Council president and the SSSC president-elect, said a lot of residence councils have situations similar to that described in Morgan's motion, and link their honorarium to their executives' final report. "It's not the end of the world," he said, of the motion. "It's a non-issue for me."

At Delaware, executives hand-in their final reports to the president and the president hands his to the building manager, Baxter said.

Morgan said honoraria are important because they can add incentive for a member to fulfill his or her executive responsibilities.

"It's important that the president has a check and balance on his own job," he explained, noting under the present SSSC structure there is no direct accountability for the president's own report.

Kerwin Yee, president of the Essex Hall Residence Council, said a year-end report is also a mandatory requirement for his council, adding it is reviewed by the president and VPs.

Yee said a peer evaluation is also done of the Essex executive, setting a monetary value for their work, which is debated and voted upon by council.

"The honorarium is a bonus for a job well done," he said. "It's not anything someone is entitled too."

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