Volume 94, Issue 95

Wednesday, March 21, 2001


Spinning out and going the distance

Sixteen sweet teams try to survive

Tae Kwon Do does good

Taking a road trip just makes sense

Taking a road trip just makes sense

By John Dinner
Sports Columnist

For a number of years now, "Eat This" has been preaching to you, the reader, about the virtues of varsity athletics. I have said repeatedly that intercollegiate athletics is important to Western in many ways and it needs better support.

Well, the preaching has stopped. Not only because my time at The Gazette is now coming to an end (though I said that two years ago and look where I am now), but because it's road trip time.

A time honoured tradition of the univerity experience, a group of friends pile into a car with dreams of good times and the unexpected. It's a bonding experience between buddies, pals and acquaintences, with memories lasting a life time.

Where should you go on this adventure, you ask. Well, "Eat This" has a suggestion for you that guarantees good fun and great memories. It's Waterloo!

What the hell is there to do in Waterloo that can't be done in London? Well for starters, it's the city hosting the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union hockey championships, where our very own Mustangs will be vying for national supremacy.

So, if you can't get your hands on the limited bus tickets the team is selling (see below), then this is the next best thing!

I know a 40-minute car ride doesn't sound much like a road trip, and most of you couldn't give two shits about our hockey team, but hear me out.

First of all, it is only about a 40 or 45-minute drive to the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, so it will be relatively easy to plan and won't take a whole lot of commitment. This is important because the first game is tomorrow night against St. Francis Xavier at 7 p.m., and with it being crunch time, a short road trip and break from studies is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Secondly, in what other city are we, as Western students, guaranteed to be hated? Nothing unites the two university campuses of Waterloo and Laurier more than their mutual distaste of Western, especially when it comes to sports. And there is nothing better than going into someone else's backyard and enjoying the spoils of victory, especially when it can be done in Waterloo.

Lastly, there is no other reason to go on this road trip other than, why not? What else have you got to do on a Thursday night, other than hit Richmond Row for the umpteenth time this year? Wouldn't the party on Richmond be that much better if everyone returned from the game purple and proud. People from Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver know when one of their professional teams is going all the way – the city becomes more exciting and the atmosphere is electric.

That same atmosphere could be duplicated here in London. People walking the streets draped in purple, signs reading "I Would Rather Flunk Out of Western than Graduate from Laurier!" and everyone high-fiving each other along the way.

So either hop on the bus or head north along Richmond out of the city and take Highway 7 until you hit Ottawa Street. Exit at Ottawa Street, turn right on Mackenzie Street and you're there. It's going to be a great hockey game, but it's going to be an even better time!

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