Volume 94, Issue 96

Thursday, March 22, 2001


Letters to the Editor

R&B and the coming 'men are crap' army

All hail the coming of Ol' lady spring time

R&B and the coming 'men are crap' army

By Marcus Maleus
Gazette Staff

Music today isn't quite what it used to be. I remember the days when Stevie Wonder used to ask, "Isn't she lovely?" and David Cassidy sang, "I think I love you."

Today, the tables have turned.

Airwaves are polluted with grudging lyrics like, "pay my bills," "don't want no scrubs" and "I hate you so much." Where did we go wrong? What exactly sparked this swarm of anti-male sentiment among female R&B/Rap musicians?

Does this reflect some sort of growing 'boys are stupid' sentiment or did women just decide they had to wage a lyrical war on the men to sell albums?

Music like that of Destiny's Child and Pink, is eating away at the seams of positive male-female relations. I'm all for freedom of artistic expression and speaking your mind, but I cringe at the notion of the young women being brainwashed into thinking today's man is nothing but a non-bill paying, anniversary forgetting, chick macking, free loader.

Part of me thinks Pink, Destiny's Child, and other groups of the sort are heading some sort of underground cult, the goal of which is to rid the world of all men. Leaving us in a society where all babies are made in test tubes and every night is girls' night in, watching Dirty Dancing and willingly letting ice-cream and over-cheesed nachos go "straight to our hips."

I don't want my future daughter subscribing to this ludicrous train of thought. The last thing I need when I'm a father, is a daughter in the "Men Are Crappy Army," givin' me the 'tude cause I want to watch Dukes of Hazzard instead of The View.

As people, we must learn to accept that men and women are different and bad seeds exist among both genders. If you get stood up on prom night, your man takes your Visa, or doesn't treat you with right, break it off and let the healing power of time run its course. Don't turn to the world of rap music for support. Becoming a mini-skirt toting, motorcycle riding, rapper won't solve your problems.

The bottom line is, today's male-hating R&B/Rap artists have none to blame for their relationships gone sour but themselves and their poor mate selection criteria.

Get over it and leave the music industry alone!

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